Politics 06-05-2021

Press freedom crisis in Greece and COVID-19 travel certificates

This week our podcast takes us to Athens, where things are getting quite shady when it comes to press freedom. Last month there was the mafia-style execution of an investigative reporter, Giorgos Karaivaz, and shortly after that, another journalist, Kostas Vaxevanis, reported to the police that he is receiving death threats.
Brexit 29-04-2021

The EU/UK trade deal and Czech PM slams EU auditors as ‘mafia’

  This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about the ratification of the EU’s post-Brexit trade agreement with the UK. At last, we may be seeing the turning of the page on economic and diplomatic relations between the...
Global Europe 22-04-2021

Climate law decisions and the phantom paper rocking the Western Balkans

  This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about the outcomes of the climate law negotiations that concluded on Wednesday morning – the EU and US goals, the reactions, and what the future has in store. To find...
Politics 15-04-2021

Millions spent on consultancy firms and the Northern Ireland crisis

  This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about how some EURACTIV digging led to discussions and examinations over the Commission’s 462 million-euro contracts with several consultancy firms. We are focusing on the Parliament’s next steps and the...
Politics 01-04-2021

The EverGiven effect and the ‘controlled vote’ in Bulgaria 

This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about the EverGiven cargo ship blocking Egypt’s Suez Canal for nearly one week, the impact this had on transport and the economy before it was freed on Monday.
Health 26-03-2021

The EU’s frustration over AstraZeneca and Hungary’s new Chinese jab

  This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about the European Commission’s frustration over slow deliveries of the AstraZeneca vaccine and the next steps planned by the EU. To analyse the latest developments on the topic, we are...

EU climate law negotiations and official ban of bird hunting practice 

This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about the EU climate law negotiations - the progress made so far and the obstacles to reaching an agreement.
Aviation 19-02-2021

Aviation sustainability and concerns over the implementation of the recovery fund

  In the first edition of EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about the European airline industry’s sustainability plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The aviation sector is facing the double challenge of coming up with alternative fuel solutions...
Digital & Media 24-01-2019

EU needs to ‘double efforts’ in the fight against disinformation, Gabriel says

The EU's Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel has upped the ante in the fight against fake news, saying on Wednesday (23 January) that "new technologies are advancing extremely rapidly" and that as a result, the EU needs to "double its efforts."
EU Elections 2014 20-03-2014

First debate takes place among top German candidates

Top candidates from Germany's five leading political parties met for a debate in Berlin on Monday (17 March), to prove that 'this time it really is different' in the European elections. Christophe Leclercq, founder of the EURACTIV Network, posed six questions to the candidates, setting the stage for the discussion.
Future EU 30-07-2012

EURACTIV’s summer reading selection: The lighter side

EURACTIV.com has sometimes been branded dry or even plain boring. So while we will continue to cover EU affairs during the first two weeks of August, with a small editorial team on duty, we decided to compile of selection of the lightest articles and videos published in past 12 months. Enjoy the break.
Public Affairs 16-11-2009

National debates ‘key’ to EU communication

Involving national actors in communicating EU policies can stimulate debates on European issues among ordinary citizens, heard stakeholders attending EURACTIV's 10th anniversary celebrations yesterday (12 November) in the European Parliament.
Public Affairs 09-12-2004

‘EU Actors’ celebrate EURACTIV’s move to the heart of the EU Community

130 guests, including Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas, have inaugurated EURACTIV's new network office in Brussels. The office is located next to the Berlaymont building in the Schuman area.
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Enlargement 30-11-2004

EURACTIV’s Czech version launched in Prague

EURACTIV's Czech language policy portal partner, EURACTIV.cz, has been officially launched in Prague. The keynote speaker was the former Czech commissioner, Pavel Telicka.

EURACTIV launches Romanian version of EU policy portal

EURACTIV's Romanian language policy portal partner, EURACTIV.ro, has been officially launched in Bucharest. Ambassador Jonathan Scheele, head of the Commission’s Delegation in Romania, was among the special guests.
Politics 22-10-2004

Improve national reporting and keep the message simple, EU professionals tell Wallström

Margot Wallström's new role of Communications Commissioner will be no easy task. A new report presents her with key recommendations on how to better communicate the EU to its citizens.
Public Affairs 15-10-2004

Brussels elite to discuss priorities for Barroso Commission

At a conference entitled 'What "Big Idea" for the Barroso Commission?', senior EU policy representatives will debate the most burning issues facing the new Commission over the coming five years.