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  • Armenia’s anti-NGO laws inspired by Moscow

    Opinion | Armenia 24-03-2015

    ?Moscow’s push for Yerevan to adopt anti-NGO legislation is just the latest sign of its determination to mold Armenia into a loyal vassal that does its bidding with no questions asked, writes Armine Sahakyan.

  • Mogherini suggests détente with Russia

    News | Global Europe 15-01-2015

    European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has suggested EU states could re-engage with Russia on global diplomacy, trade and other issues in return for gradual steps to defuse the crisis over Ukraine.

  • EU communication versus Russian propaganda

    Opinion | Global Europe 18-11-2014

    Russian propaganda is taking the EU off-guard. Some who still remember the Communist days say it is reaching heights unknown, since the end of the Cold War. Thirty years ago, this propaganda was on the defensive, while now Moscow is on the offensive, writes Georgi Gotev.

  • “Whatever it takes” in Ukraine

    Opinion | Europe's East 25-09-2014

    European policymakers have the tools and the intelligence to retain influence in Ukraine, but they would need to look to Mr Mario Draghi to find the right model for deploying them, write Jorge Mariscal and Nick Rice.

  • Russia counts on EU ‘friends’ to avert further sanctions

    News | Global Europe 26-06-2014

    Russia has stepped up its efforts to consolidate ties with governments and forces in EU countries sympathetic to Moscow, for historic or economic reasons, or both. The EURACTIV network reports.

  • 22% of Bulgarians want to join Russia’s ‘Eurasian Union’

    News | Elections 15-05-2014

    Asked “If there is a referendum today, what would you choose: EU membership for Bulgaria or membership in Russia’s Eurasian Union?” 22% of respondents in Bulgaria said they said would vote for Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical project, according to a new poll. Conversely, 40% say they are for EU membership.

  • The EU needs to ask Russia the tough questions

    Opinion | Enlargement 23-01-2014

    As the European Union and Russia prepare to meet next week (28 January) at their biannual summit, EU leaders should prepare to address the tough questions about Moscow’s assertive diplomacy and how it is overshadowing Brussels’ strategies in the east, writes Bruno Lété.

  • Lavrov lifts veil over Russia’s intentions for Ukraine

    News | Europe's East 17-12-2013

    Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the European Union of trying to impose a free trade agreement on Ukraine that will likely ruin its economy. Speaking in Brussels yesterday (16 December), he advocated instead a “unified economic and humanitarian space from Lisbon to Vladivostok” to be established between the EU and the Russian-led Eurasian Union. 

  • Top envoy: Russia can offer Ukraine more than the EU

    News | Economy & Jobs 07-10-2013

    EXCLUSIVE / The European Union has not offered Ukraine the prospect of full membership of the Western bloc so a fully-fledged membership of the Russian Customs and Eurasian Union is a better deal, the Russian ambassador to the EU told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • EU loses Armenia to Russia’s Customs Union

     Video | Promoted content | Europe's East 04-09-2013

    Armenia will join a customs union led by Russia.
    The announcement came after the Armenian president held talks with Russia's Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Tuesday. As Moscow is trying to bring closer together former soviet countries, Putin welcomed Armenia's decision as a diplomatic victory.
    But the European Union appeared to be taken by surprise. EU officials have said in the past that  membership of the Customs Union is incompatible with a free trade agreement with the EU.

  • EU loses Armenia to Russia’s Customs Union

    News | Armenia 04-09-2013

    Armenia will join a customs union led by its former Soviet master Russia, the country’s President Serzh Sargsyan said yesterday (3 September), a move incompatible with the free trade agreement the EU is preparing with Yerevan.

  • EU-Ukraine relations ‘running out of runway’: Official

    News | Europe's East 06-06-2013

    Time is short for Kyiv to make tangible reforms ahead of the November Vilnius summit, and in the meantime the EU-Ukraine relationship is “slowly running out of runway”, a high European Commission official told the European Parliament yesterday (5 June).