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Brexit 17-01-2018

UK cancer patients must have access to radiotherapy after Euratom exit, warn MPs

MPs have demanded guarantees that UK cancer patients will not lose access to new radiotherapy treatments because of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU’s treaty on nuclear materials.
Electricity 26-10-2017

Nuclear agency chief: Small reactors ‘might be a game-changer’ for Europe

The political climate for nuclear energy is "not very positive" in Europe, admits William D. Magwood, and the industry is currently shifting towards Russia and Asia as a result. But the emergence of small modular reactors (SMR) built in factories might slow down the process, he argues.
Brexit 17-10-2017

UK supports staying in Euratom nuclear treaty after Brexit

A majority of British people oppose the government's plan for the UK to leave the Euratom nuclear treaty after Brexit, a new survey has found.
Brexit 28-08-2017

Chief EU negotiator urges more clarity, speed from UK as Brexit talks resume

EU negotiators and their British counterparts kicked off the third round of Brexit talks on Monday (28 August) as the bloc's chief negotiator urged London to take a more serious stance and quickly provide official positions on all issues to be tackled in the historic divorce talks.
Brexit 11-07-2017

UK opposition urges government to stay in Euratom nuclear body

Opposition Brexit minister Keir Starmer has urged the UK government to keep Britain in the Euratom treaty and drop its red line on the future role of the European Court of Justice. EURACTIV’s partner The Guardian reports.
Brexit 02-05-2017

UK’s nuclear energy in jeopardy after Brexit, MPs warn

The future of the United Kingdom's power supply has been jeopardised by Brexit and the government must act urgently to ensure nuclear power stations stay open, British lawmakers have warned. EURACTIV's partner The Guardian reports.
Energy 17-04-2015

Rosatom woos EU with guaranteed low electricity price

An official of Russian state nuclear firm Rosatom told a Brussels audience that his company could guarantee a levelized price for electricity of $50/MWh from new nuclear plants it builds, if the client chooses the firm's services for their lifecycle. According to EU policies, however, fuel supply should be diversified.
Miguel Arias Cañete warned member states would face infringement proceedings during his hearing [European Parliament]
Energy 26-03-2015

Hungary says EU authorised its nuclear fuel supply deal with Russia

Hungary said on Wednesday (25 March) that it has reached a compromise with EU nuclear body Euratom over plans for Russia to be the sole supplier of nuclear fuel to the country's Paks power plant.
Energy 13-03-2015

Brussels blocks Hungary’s nuclear deal with Russia

The European Commission has objected to Hungary's €10 billion plan to expand its Soviet-era Paks nuclear power plant in a deal with Russia, and may force Budapest to revise the terms of the agreement, EU sources said yesterday (12 March). Hungarian officials strongly denied the reports.
Energy 21-03-2012

Ukraine, EU: An incomplete debate on nuclear energy

For some people in Ukraine, it has been striking to see how little awareness and discussion there is in Europe about Kyiv's plans to expand the lifetime of 12 old nuclear reactors, right on the doorstep of the EU and most likely at European taxpayers’ expense, writes Iryna Holovko, an environmental campaigner in Ukraine.
Energy 28-03-2007

EU in two minds about atomic power

While EU leaders quietly celebrated the 50th birthday of the Euratom treaty, aimed at developing nuclear power across Europe, environmentalists pursued attempts to send the pact to its grave.

FP7: simplification and more business orientation

The Commission proposes to more than double the current EU research budget to an average of 9.6 billion euros a year (67 billion in 7 years) instead of the current yearly average of 3.8 billion euros. The big budget is in line with the expected key contribution the FP7 is designed to make to the relaunched Lisbon strategy.
Energy 14-01-2004

MEPs back funding of nuclear power stations

A controversial Commission proposal for granting Euratom loans to finance nuclear power stations has received the Parliament's backing - but not the rapporteur's.
Future EU 02-10-2003

MEPs’ call for revision of Euratom treaty warmly welcomed by environmental NGOs

The Parliament urged the Intergovernmental Conference to revise the Euratom Treaty in order to eliminate legal inconsistencies with the Constitution.

Research Council debates proposal for 6th Framework Programme

Research Council has first policy debate on two proposals for multi-annual Framework Programme, 2002-2006 (EC and Euratom)
Enlargement 18-04-2000

EU lends money for modernisation of Bulgarian nuclear plant

EU's loan for the safety upgrade of Bulgaria's Kozloduy nuclear power plant meets with disagreement of environmentalist.