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Languages & Culture 16-01-2018

EU urged to help expand internet domain names in different languages

Researchers and officials working on internet governance have urged EU institutions to help expand the use of internationalised domain names, which contain letters from alphabets including Cyrillic or Greek, or accented letters like in the word “café”.
Languages & Culture 07-11-2012

The internet is becoming more multilingual: Study

Internationalised domain names (IDNs), which are seen as an essential building block for creating a multilingual internet, are growing in number, according to a new report.
Digital 23-05-2012

EURid: Being green pays off in increased competitiveness

It is not by making new regulations that policy-makers will force ICT companies to reduce their carbon footprint, but rather pushing member states to implement existing rules and convincing companies that they gain in competitiveness, argues Marc Van Wesemael, EURid CEO, in an interview with EURACTIV.
Digital 07-04-2011

Number of ‘.eu’ domain names doubles over five years

The number of registered websites with the '.eu' top-level domain name has reached 3.4 million, according to figures from EURid, the non-profit organisation that manages it.

EU signs global charter on carbon sequestration

On 25 June, the EU signed up to a charter stimulating international cooperation on developing and deploying carbon capture and storage technologies. This charter, a US initiative, establishes a "Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum", gathering countries from the five continents.
Digital 22-05-2003

Commission chooses EURid to manage .eu domain names

The Commission decided on 22 May to designate the EURid consortium to run the dot EU (.eu) top level domain.

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