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Economic governance 23-10-2018

Italy and Brussels meet head-on over budgetary dispute

The European Commission prepares to reject Italy's budget on Tuesday (23 October) due to an “unprecedented” breach of EU fiscal rules. But Rome sticks to its guns and presented the breach as a “difficult but necessary decision” taken by the government.
Economy & Jobs 18-06-2018

German politics risks affecting eurozone reform

The leaders of France and Germany’ will meet in Berlin on Tuesday (19 June) for a preparatory summit ahead of the European Council at the end of the month. But the two countries continue to hold different views on the subject of the economy. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Economy & Jobs 09-01-2018

In 2018, expect the euro area economy to put on the brakes – but not for the reason you may think

The euro area economy has at last started to begin recovering convincingly from the past decade’s two recessions. But two big factors will moderate growth in 2018, writes Ilaria Maselli, citing the ageing workforce in Germany as being of particular concern.
Euro & Finance 09-12-2015

Towards a stronger euro area: Sharing risk and sovereignty

What would a proposed “European Fiscal Union” look like, and would it be successful? ask Jörg Haas and Katharina Gnath.
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Economy & Jobs 04-03-2015

Merkel, Juncker refuse to talk about third Greek bailout

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Wednesday that it is “premature” to discuss a third bailout programme for Greece and warned Athens “to avoid unilateral measures.” “We are going to focus on implementing what was agreed in the Eurogroup," he added.
Economy & Jobs 13-02-2015

Wrap-up: EU leaders discuss terrorism, Ukraine, and the euro

EU heads of state held an informal meeting in Brussels on 12 February. Ukraine, the Greek debt crisis, the euro, and terrorism topped the summit's agenda. 
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Economy & Jobs 04-06-2014

Lithuania ready to join euro from 2015, Commission says

Lithuania is ready to join the euro from 2015 and will become the 19th country to do so. This is the message that the European Commission sent on Wednesday as it released its 2014 Convergence Report, an assessment of how ready eight member states are to join the single currency.
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Economy & Jobs 09-07-2013

Latvia joins the euro area

Despite the long-lasting economic crisis, EU finance ministers on Tuesday formally approved Latvia's accession to the euro area. The Latvian finance minister said ahead of an ECOFIN meeting on Tuesday that the country is confident it will benefit from the euro adoption despite the bloc's economic problems. Latvia is the 18th EU member state that joins the euro.