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Enlargement 26-07-2021

Serbia fumes over Croatia’s plan to put Tesla on euro coins

Croatia's plan to put famous inventor Nikola Tesla on its euro coins has sparked criticism in Serbia, whose central bank said Monday (26 July) it would take the issue to the EU.
Economy & Jobs 30-01-2020

EU eyes phasing out smallest euro cent coins

The European Commission is considering a proposal to phase out 1-euro cent and 2-euro cent coins, an EU document showed, in what would be a cost-saving move as the coins' production and handling costs often exceed their face value.
Euro & Finance 15-04-2016

Germans queue to obtain cutting-edge 5-euro coin

Hundreds of people queued at the Bundesbank in the German city of Frankfurt yesterday (14 April) to get their hands on one of the new five euro coins, Euronews reported.
Languages & Culture 21-11-2012

Slovakia removes saints’ halos on new euro coin

Slovakia, responding to requests from some fellow eurozone countries, has removed the halos from a €2 coin commemorating the 1,150th anniversary of the arrival of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Moravia.