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  • Europe on verge of political breakdown

    Euro & Finance 12-09-2011

    Instead of worrying about difficult medium to long-term issues like Eurobonds and a fiscal union, the euro zone's leaders should focus on the immediate problems of recapitalising its banks, giving Greece breathing space and restarting economic growth, argues Barry Eichengreen.

  • The deal we need to overcome the eurozone crisis

    Euro & Finance 18-07-2011

    The euro zone needs greater European cohesion, more responsibility from its member states and increased coordination if it is to overcome the current crisis, argues Maria João Rodrigues in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.

  • General Marshall on the Aegean

    Euro & Finance 14-07-2011

    Instead of piling extra loans and debts onto the Greek economy, the European Union should provide a "Marshall Plan" to Greece for strategic investments such as the modernisation of property registration and tax collection systems, argues Barry Eichengreen.

  • Why is the European Central Bank president still a plaything of politicians?

    Euro & Finance 05-07-2011

    Given that European Central Bank is playing a growing role in the lives of ordinary citizens, it is high time for the process of choosing its president to become more democratic, rather than being dominated by the governments of member states, argues David H. Price.

  • Greece defaulting on cash owed to companies

    Health 23-06-2011

    Fears that Greece could default on its debt are misplaced as the country has already begun defaulting on its debt to companies, argues Gary Finnegan. 

  • Reflections on the current situation in Greece

    Social Europe & Jobs 06-06-2011

    The Greek crisis is best understood as a struggle for a new social contract between the country's political elites and its citizens, argues Jens Bastian of ELIAMEP in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.

  • Europe and the IMF: Why successor should be a convinced European!

    Global Europe 20-05-2011

    Ernst Stetter argues that a "convinced European" should succeed Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the head of the IMF to boost confidence in the European economy and help maintain the trend towards to reforming global economic governance.

  • Social Europe’s new battleground

    Social Europe & Jobs 22-03-2011

    The eurozone crisis has transformed the debate on 'Social Europe' and threatens to undermine the pro-Europe sentiments of the left, writes Olaf Cramme, a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics. He asks how the supporters of a 'Social Europe' could use the crisis in their favour.

  • Change or lose Europe

    Euro & Finance 09-03-2011

    The case for coordinating wage policy in the euro zone to avoid a proliferation of imbalances and beggar-thy-neighbour policies is overwhelming and it is alarming that it has been ignored for so long, write Frank Hoffer and Friederike Spiecker in this commentary. They conclude by setting out concrete proposals to rebalance the European economy.

  • Why Europe needs automatic haircuts

    Euro & Finance 28-02-2011

    The euro zone requires automatic "haircuts" to accompany its bailouts as the currency union cannot be maintained without market discipline, writes Hans-Werner Sinn, an economist at the University of Munich.

  • Ambitious? Yes. Effective? Perhaps. The Commission’s Proposals on the Stability Pact

    Euro & Finance 02-11-2010

    If adopted and implemented by the EU, the European Commission's legislative proposals on economic governance will constitute a new way of coordinating economic policies in the bloc, writes Nicolaus Heinen, an analyst at Deutsche Bank Research.

  • The structure of institutional reforms

    Euro & Finance 27-10-2010

    EU member states must stop claiming that the euro is in crisis and follow stricter budgetary rules, argues Jürgen Stark, former vice-president of the Deutsche Bundesbank and a member of the executive board of the European Central Bank.