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Agrifood 30-09-2021

What is the current consensus on the CAP?

The EU’s farming subsidy programme, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), is relentlessly debated at the EU level.
Agrifood 13-06-2019

Andriukaitis vs Salvini: Back-and-forth on ‘nationalist’ food policy

EU health boss Vytenis Andriukaitis criticised last week (7 June) the "political use" of food safety concerns and country of origin labelling, spurred by nationalist leaders like Italy's Matteo Salvini, who replied he was only defending Italian farmers and fishermen.
Health 29-04-2019

Poll: Nearly half of Europeans think vaccines ‘can often produce severe side effects’

85% of EU citizens believe vaccines are an effective way of preventing diseases, but almost half of them think vaccines "can often produce severe side-effects," according to a new Eurobarometer survey.
EU Elections 2019 25-04-2019

Less than half of Brits, Czechs and Italians would vote to remain in the EU

If a referendum on EU membership were held across the bloc today, a majority in favour of remaining would be impossible to reach in the UK, Czech Republic and Italy, according to the latest Eurobarometer released by the European Parliament on Thursday (25 April).
Elections 23-05-2018

Tajani ups the ante in Spitzenkandidaten controversy

One year ahead of the European Elections, emboldened by a recent opinion poll, the European Parliament made key announcements on Wednesday (23 May), signalling a strong preference for the Spitzenkandidaten system that was rejected by the heads of state and government..
Future EU 25-04-2018

Europe fair, but room for improvement- Eurobarometer

Europeans generally see their society as fair, particularly in Scandinavia, but income gap, which has increased greatly, was singled out as an issue of concern, according to a Eurobarometer survey. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Future EU 23-12-2016

Survey: EU citizens want more social equality, but not more Europe

Social equality is seen as the most important priority today and an essential building block for the future of Europe, although Europeans oppose creating an EU economic government, according to an EU-wide opinion poll.

Refugee crisis tops list of concerns for EU citizens

European citizens see the migration crisis as the biggest threat to the EU, ahead of the threat of terrorism, a recent survey has found. Climate change has been pushed to the bottom of the pile. EURACTIV France reports.
Brexit 26-10-2015

UK trust in EU lower than any other country bar Czech Republic, survey finds

Trust across the regions of the UK in the EU is now lower than in any other member state bar the Czech Republic, detailed analysis of new figures has revealed.
Sports 15-06-2015

Physical activity seeking wider policy recognition

SPECIAL REPORT / While the economic benefits of physical activity are widely documented, policymakers still struggle to translate scientific evidence into policy, health experts say.

Poll: Majority of Germans reject immigration from outside the EU

Germans see immigration as the EU’s most important current challenge, while a majority are opposed to immigrants from outside the bloc. EURACTIV Germany reports.
[Denis Vrublevski/Shutterstock]
Brexit 13-05-2014

Poll: Most Europeans believe ‘the worst is still to come’

With the European elections opening next week, a new survey shows that most Europeans believe the crisis is not over yet and that “the worst is still to come”, although the trend is slightly improving.
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EU Elections 2014 20-11-2013

Get the picture: Do you identify with today’s Europe?

Freedom of movement and peace. That's what the vast majority of people see as the main benefits of being in the EU.
EU Elections 2014 06-09-2013

Europeans want a say on the next Commission president: Poll

European citizens are more inclined to vote if they are given the chance to choose who will be the next president of the European Commission, according to a survey released today (6 September).
Elections 25-07-2013

Record 60% of Europeans ‘tend not to trust’ EU

The number of Europeans who distrust the European Union has doubled over the past six years to a record high, with bailed-out Greeks and Cypriots having the least faith in the bloc, according to a new Eurobarometer poll.
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Regional Policy 23-10-2012

Jobs trump environment in first EU-wide regional opinion poll

Unemployment and the economic situation are the main concerns among Europeans at the regional level, relegating environmental concerns to second-tier priority, results of the first regional-level Eurobarometer opinion poll show.
Elections 07-09-2012

Eurobarometer: Citizens more positive about the EU

The European Union's image has improved in the eyes of a majority of Europeans in the last 10 months, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey.

Half of Europeans still see EU as a good thing

Despite the euro crisis, every second citizen sees his or her country’s EU membership positively and believes the European project brings benefits, says a new study published by the pro-European Notre Europe think tank.
Euro & Finance 05-08-2011

Eurobarometer: support for stronger regulatory coordination

Europeans increasingly want stronger EU-wide cooperation to tackle the financial crisis according to the latest Eurobarometer – a snapshot of opinion across the continent gauged in May this year – although faith in the ability of institutions to combat the crisis is ebbing.
Public Affairs 27-08-2010

Europeans losing faith in EU

Just 42% of Europeans say they trust the European Union, according to a new opinion poll, down six percentage points in just six months.
Development Policy 24-06-2010

Europeans struggle to make ends meet, survey finds

A new survey measuring public perceptions of financial difficulties, the affordability of health care and future employment and pension prospects has revealed that 30% of Europeans believe that around roughly one-third of the their country's population is edging towards poverty.

Expert: ‘Lazy researchers to blame for declining EU science optimism’

Responding to the publication of a survey on EU attitudes to science and technology, experts blamed "lazy" researchers for failing to promote their projects, leading to a declining sense of optimism about the positive influence of science in Europe.
Regional Policy 10-05-2010

Survey paints ‘bleak’ jobs picture in EU cities

An EU survey asking citizens in 75 European cities to assess their quality of life has found that while people perceive a clear decrease in the availability of jobs, most people seem to be coping financially in the current recession.

Europeans fear recession’s impact on discrimination

Sixty-four percent of f Europeans believe the economic crisis will bring more discrimination in the job market, according to a new Eurobarometer opinion survey released by the European Commission this week (9 November).