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  • Barroso prepares calendar for ‘more EU integration’

    News | Future EU 31-05-2012

    European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has said he will propose a roadmap and "calendar" for more European integration at the next summit of EU leaders on 28-29 June, without discarding the possibility of a treaty change aimed at injecting more federalism into the Union.

  • EU prepares for ‘new stage’ in economic union

    Special Report |  Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 24-05-2012

    European leaders will discuss plans for deeper economic integration in the euro zone at their next meeting in June, after an inconclusive summit yesterday (23 May) saw open divergences between France and Germany over how to restore the EU's sluggish economic growth. European Council President Herman Van Rompuy will present a report exploring ways to deepen economic integration in the euro zone when EU leaders hold their next meeting on 28-29 June.

  • Sweden’s Reinfeldt warns EU against ‘creative accounting’

    News | Euro & Finance 24-05-2012

    Ahead of yesterday's EU summit, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt criticised both the 'project bonds' and the 'Eurobonds' that were put forward as a way to relaunch the European economy.

  • ‘Project bonds’ launched as an experiment

    News | EU Priorities 2020 23-05-2012

    In the absence of an agreement for launching Eurobonds, the EU institutions agreed yesterday (22 May) to launch the first ‘project bonds’ as a pilot project to boost investment in energy, transport and the digital economy.

  • OECD: Eurozone crisis threatens world recovery

    News | Euro & Finance 22-05-2012

    The OECD called on EU leaders today (22 May) to ease the pace of austerity, saying aggressive budget cuts to curtail the eurozone's debts threaten to suck the currency area into a downward spiral that could spill over into the global economy.

  • Hollande to push ‘Eurobonds’ debate at EU summit

    News | Euro & Finance 21-05-2012

    French President François Hollande said he would promote the idea of mutualised European debt at an informal summit in Brussels this week, increasing pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to drop her opposition to the proposal.

  • Hollande to have first date with Merkel

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 15-05-2012

    They will meet in only a few hours. The new French president Francois Hollande has already warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he wants growth to be the way out of the crisis.

  • Parliament kick-starts frozen eurobond debate

    News | Euro & Finance 16-04-2012

    The European Parliament is set in the coming weeks to reinvigorate the ongoing debate on eurobonds, pushing for the common issuance of eurozone-backed state securities as a means to counter the ongoing public debt crisis.

  • Euro Monitor: Which countries are best placed to exit the crisis?

     Video | Promoted content | Economic governance 15-03-2012

    The economic and financial crisis has revealed a number of weaknesses in the economic governance of the EU's economic and monetary union.
    The EU and its Member States have taken a series of important decisions that will mean stronger• economic and budgetary coordination for the EU as a whole and for the euro area in particular. Thus, in May 2011, the Member States agreed to establish a rescue mechanism worth €750 billion to protect the euro from collapsing under the weight of accumulated debt.

  • ‘Disastrous’ bond sale shakes confidence in Germany

    News | Euro & Finance 24-11-2011

    A "disastrous" German bond sale yesterday (23 November) sparked fears that Europe's debt crisis was starting to threaten even Berlin, with the leaders of the euro zone's two biggest economies still at odds over a longer-term structural solution.

  • Brussels seeks powers over eurozone budgets

    News | Euro & Finance 24-11-2011

    The European Commission tabled a raft of new proposals yesterday (23 November) aimed at drawing a line under the eurozone debt crisis by granting Brussels sweeping new powers to scrutinise national budgets and, in extreme cases, "administer" countries struggling with uncontrollable debt levels.

  • Commission buys time on eurobond proposal

    News | Euro & Finance 22-11-2011

    The European Commission will issue a 'green paper' on Wednesday (23 November) examining the scope for the introduction of eurobonds as a way to tackle the eurozone debt crisis. But the public consultation it will launch is unlikely to result in concrete proposals until next year, an EU official said.