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Jeoren Dijsselbloem et Yanis Varoufakis à Bruxelles le 11 février. [European Council]
Euro & Finance 17-02-2015

Terminology blocks Greek compromise

By forcing Syriza into a spot from which it must undertake a humiliating climb down to avoid disaster, the Eurogroup took its brinkmanship to a new level, writes Stratfor, the Texas-based global intelligence company.
Guntram B. Wolff [Bruegel]
EU Priorities 2020 10-07-2014

#EU2DO: Creating growth while preparing an EU treaty reform

EU leaders have to put forward a two-handed approach in the next five years, focusing on policy action on the one hand while framing these policy actions in a broader treaty reform context on the other, writes Guntram B. Wolff.
Euro & Finance 03-12-2013

Untangling the eurocrisis by creating a ‘smarter’ euro

Huge external accounts imbalances between the member states are to blamed partly for the eurozone crisis. Now we need intelligent and coordinated economic policies which will foster sustainable external accounts and thereby contribute to economic stability, writes Paulo Casaca.
Public Affairs 27-06-2013

What is wrong with the European Commission?

The European Commission, a crucial EU institution, is beset with difficulties. It is popular with neither governments nor voters. Twenty years ago, many people looked to the Commission to set the EU’s agenda and take the lead in managing crises. But few people expect the Commission to play that role today, writes Charles Grant.
Elections 29-04-2013

German scepticism is the euro’s next big challenge

The arrival of the Alternative for Germany party will be primarily at the expense of the governing coalition and could even spell the end of Angela Merkel's chancellorship, writes Joerg Forbrig.

How crisis policies threaten the EU’s social dimension

The weakening of the social flank in southern Europe has repercussions elsewhere in the EU, putting the trade unions and left-wing parties under further pressure, argue Klaus Busch, Christoph Hermann, Karl Hinrichs and Thorsten Schulten.
Euro & Finance 02-10-2012

Spain: Reform or break-up

A point of no return has been reached in the negotiations between the Spanish and Catalan governments, raising doubts about the future of the country, says Joan Marc Simon.
Euro & Finance 18-09-2012

First the squabbles, then the fudge

Amidst the euphoria unleashed by the European Central Bank’s bond-buying plan, it is easy to miss the immense challenges posed by two complex dossiers that have just landed on leaders’ desks: the proposed EADS/BAE merger and a planned single banking supervisor, writes Hugo Dixon.
Public Affairs 10-07-2012

Time to stop the tail wagging the dog and talk about the real economy

The ordinary, but useful and important, work of the European institutions is being drowned out by the cries of alarm from the crisis. It is about time to replace the tabloid narrative and highlight the real economy where several hundred million Europeans have jobs and want to create something useful, writes Mark Rogerson.

A social earthquake in the making

In Europe, a deteriorating youth marginalization is creating the preconditions for a social earthquake capable of shaking the old continent and impairing the survival of the Euro, writes Edoardo Campanella, economic adviser at the Italian Senate.
Euro & Finance 09-01-2012

No to a phoney fiscal union, yes to a federal government

The European Parliament should call a convention where all actors can debate the future of the EU in order to tackle the so-far faulty Franco-German 'directoire', says Guido Montani, vice president of the European Federalists Union.
Euro & Finance 23-06-2011

Barroso and Commission are also to blame for Greek crisis

As EU leaders gather in Brussels to solve the Greek crisis, Athens and Brussels should share the blame for having let the country fall down its slippery slope. Now a new social contract is needed between the EU and its citizens to restore trust, writes former Greek MEP Yiannis Roubatis.
Euro & Finance 28-03-2011

The EU’s culpability in the banking crisis

While the Irish must understand the constraints imposed by the bailout package, the EU also bears some responsibility for the banking crisis and should not undermine Ireland's economic model, writes former Taoiseach John Bruton.
Euro & Finance 28-03-2011

Europe re-divided?

The euro crisis is not only a currency crisis but also a political crisis, writes George Soros in the below commentary, arguing that member states' policies often reflect their views rather than their true interests. 
Euro & Finance 25-06-2010

Germany’s Europe deficit

The policies currently being imposed on the euro zone directly contradict the lessons learned from the Great Depression of the 1930s and risk pushing Europe into a period of prolonged stagnation, generating discontent and social unrest, argues financial guru George Soros.