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  • IMF adds four European countries to financial risk list

    News | Euro & Finance 14-01-2014

    The International Monetary Fund on Monday (13 January) added Denmark, Finland, Norway and Poland to its list of countries that must have regular check-ups of their financial sectors, under an effort to prevent a repeat of the global financial crisis.

  • Untangling the eurocrisis by creating a ‘smarter’ euro

    Opinion | Euro & Finance 03-12-2013

    Huge external accounts imbalances between the member states are to blamed partly for the eurozone crisis. Now we need intelligent and coordinated economic policies which will foster sustainable external accounts and thereby contribute to economic stability, writes Paulo Casaca.

  • MEPS criticise Troika as inspectors return to Greece

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 06-11-2013

    As the so-called Troika is set to return to Greece on Wednesday for a bailout review,  MEPs criticised on Tuesday the accountability of its inspectors and lack of 'democratic legitimacy'.
    In a public hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels, EU lawmakers also accused the Troika of making mistakes in the economic forecasts behind the bailout programmes for countries like Greece or Ireland.

  • EU forecasts slow economic recovery, high unemployment

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 05-11-2013

    Europe's economy has reached a turning point, according to the European Commission.
    Presenting his Autumn economic forecast on Tuesday , EU commissioner Olli Rehn said that a slow economic recovery is expected over the next two years, but unemployment will remain high.
    The Commission expects economic growth in 2014 to hit 1.1% in the euro area and 1.4% in the Union as a whole. In 2015, growth is expected to be 1.7% in the euro zone and almost 2% in the EU.

  • EU’s Rehn does not rule out a third Greek bailout

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 21-08-2013

    As the debate on whether Greece will need a third bailout intensifies, EU economic affairs commissioner Olli Rehn declined on Wednesday to rule out the possibility.
    Speaking to a Finnish newspaper, Rehn also said that other options, such as extending the repayment period on existing loans, are also on the table.
    Rehn's comments come after the German finance minister said on Tuesday that Greece will need a third bailout, only 5 weeks before the biggest EU economy holds elections.

  • Economic clues raise EU recovery hopes

    News | Euro & Finance 29-07-2013

    There are signs that Europe may be turning a corner after years of economic and financial turmoil, with the key Euribor bank-to-bank lending rate and a German business index looking solid as unemployment falls in Spain.

  • Eurozone ministers agree to unlock bailout cash for Greece

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 09-07-2013

    Greece secured a lifeline from the eurozone and the IMF on Monday (8 July) but was told it must keep its promises on cutting public sector jobs and selling state assets to get all the cash.

  • Latvia joins the euro area

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 09-07-2013

    Despite the long-lasting economic crisis, EU finance ministers on Tuesday formally approved Latvia's accession to the euro area.
    The Latvian finance minister said ahead of an ECOFIN meeting on Tuesday that the country is confident it will benefit from the euro adoption despite the bloc's economic problems.
    Latvia is the 18th EU member state that joins the euro.

  • Eurogroup to approve Greece’s next bailout payment

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 08-07-2013

    Eurozone finance ministers are meeting on Monday in Brussels to discuss the release of the next bailout payment for Greece.
    After several days of discussions with the Greek authorities, international lenders finished on Sunday a final assessment of Greece's progress towards meeting the terms of the international bailout imposed by the Troika.
    In exchange of EU financial aid, the Greek government is expected to lay off 4,000 public sector workers by the end of the year.

  • What is wrong with the European Commission?

    Opinion | Public Affairs 27-06-2013

    The European Commission, a crucial EU institution, is beset with difficulties. It is popular with neither governments nor voters. Twenty years ago, many people looked to the Commission to set the EU’s agenda and take the lead in managing crises. But few people expect the Commission to play that role today, writes Charles Grant.

  • Commission launches EU-wide public employment service

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 17-06-2013

    In an attempt to fight soaring unemployment in Europe, the European Commission on Monday tabled a proposal to create a pan-European network of public employment services.
    With around 26 million unemployed EU citizens across the continent, the Commission hopes to make it easier for member states to match job-seekers with particular skills with employers looking for those skills. Currently, there are 1.7 million job vacancies in the EU.

  • From reform to growth: a roadmap for Europe – EIF Helsinki 2013

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 14-06-2013

    CES was proud to host the fourth Economic Ideas Forum, which was held in Helsinki during the 6th and 7th of June 2013 under the Patronage of Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen. This yearly conference brought together high level economic experts, Ministers of Economy, EU Commissioners, EU Prime Ministers, as well as CEOs of companies from around the world and enterprise representatives.

  • EP Schulz meets Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades

     Video | Promoted content | EU Priorities 2020 22-05-2013

    After meeting Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades on Wednesday in Brussels, European Parliament president Martin Schulz said that Europe will continue helping Cyprus through its financial crisis.

  • Eurogroup agrees bailout payments for Greece and Cyprus, warns Slovenia

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 14-05-2013

    Eurozone finance ministers on Monday signed off on the first 3 billion euros of financial aid for Cyprus.
    The agreement comes after Nicosia sealed a deal with the EU and IMF in March on a 10 billion euro rescue package to avoid bankruptcy and a potential euro exit.

  • Eurogroup chief to EP: ‘I am no king…one Dutch king is plenty’

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 08-05-2013

    Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem faced a grilling in the European Parliament on Tuesday over the recent Cyprus bailout deal.

  • EU unveils gloomy eurozone growth forecast

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 03-05-2013

    The eurozone economy will shrink more than expected this year, according to the European Commission which published its Spring Economic Forecast on Friday.
    The Commission's outlook also showed that 4 of the largest euro zone economies – France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands – will be in recession throughout 2013. Only Germany's economy will grow.

  • Economy dominates Letta’s first Brussels visit

     Video | Promoted content | EU Priorities 2020 02-05-2013

    Italy's newly appointed Prime Minister Enirco Letta landed in Brussels yesterday evening (1 May) for a two-day visit to the EU capital, with the economic and political situation at the centre of discussion.

  • German scepticism is the euro’s next big challenge

    Opinion | Elections 29-04-2013

    The arrival of the Alternative for Germany party will be primarily at the expense of the governing coalition and could even spell the end of Angela Merkel's chancellorship, writes Joerg Forbrig.

  • Eurozone unemployment hits new record high

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 02-04-2013

    Unemployment in the eurozone has hit a new record of 12%, according to official figures released by Eurtostat on Tuesday. In February alone, more than 33.000 people lost their jobs in the 17 countries of the euro area. Eurostat estimates that more than 26 million people in the EU are without work, of whom 19 million are in the euro zone.

  • Cyprus crisis: banks to re-open Thursday, but remain controlled

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 26-03-2013

    Amid concerns of a possible bank run, Cyprus is requiring banks to stay closed until Thursday. The Cypriot authorities will also limit access to bank accounts and movement of cash out of the island.
    It is the first time capital controls are being applied within the euro area and comes after Cyprus sealed a deal with the EU and the IMF on Monday to avoid bankruptcy and a potential euro exit.

  • The 2014-2020 EU Aid Budget: Enough to do the job?

     Video | Promoted content | Development Policy 26-03-2013

    Europe’s leaders are in the final stages of negotiating one of the world’s biggest aid budgets. But how committed are they to delivering on promises to sustain the EU’s involvement in developing economies? In austerity-hit Europe, should development be prioritised and how? What will 2013 and beyond bring for those in the EU’s development sector?

  • Eurogroup’s press conference on Cyprus’ bailout deal

     Video | Promoted content | Euro & Finance 25-03-2013

    Cyprus clinched a last-ditch deal with international lenders early today (25 March) to shut down its second largest bank and inflict heavy losses on uninsured depositors, including wealthy Russians, in return for a €10-billion bailout.

  • EC on Cyprus’ bailout

     Video | Promoted content | Euro & Finance 22-03-2013

    Cyprus is rushing a 'plan B' through Parliament in order to secure an international bailout that would prevent a meltdown of its banking system, while the European Central Bank gave the country until Monday to raise billions.

  • Austerity driven Europe could miss UN development goals

     Video | Promoted content | Development Policy 22-03-2013

    Eradicate extreme poverty, achieve universal primary education and combat HIV. These are only a few of the proposals made by the UN in 2000 to free people from multiple deprivations. This pledge turned into the eight Millennium Development Goals.
    13 years later, as Europe lives on of the worst crisis in decades, economic and fiscal pressure will see many member states missing their targets in fighting poverty reduction. Europe fears that foreign aid will be among the first casualties of long-term austerity measures.