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Global Europe 23-02-2016

EU rules prevent sharing of refugee fingerprints

According to EU rules, only the fingerprints of migrants who apply for asylum are shared among the member countries, which basically means that privacy concerns don't allow the use of the vast majority of migrants' fingerprints taken.

Germany says EU policies to stop migrants are not working

A German official told the Brussels press today (6 January) - in the presence of the EU Commissioner for Migration - that European policies to tackle the refugee crisis are not working properly, and as a consequence the number of refugees arriving in Germany has not declined.

Eurodac fingerprint database under fire by human rights activists

The German Institute for Human Rights has criticised the repurposing of the EU's fingerprint database, Eurodac, for registering asylum seekers. Tagesspiegel reports.

Privacy czar: Civil rights at stake in asylum database proposal

European Commission proposals that would give the police access to a new EU-wide fingerprint database for asylum seekers - Eurodac - is a "serious intrusion" into the rights of a vulnerable group, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) says.
Security 06-05-2004

17,000 ‘asylum shoppers’ stopped by fingerprint database

More than seven per cent of asylums seekers in 2003 tried their luck in more than one EU country, reveals EURODAC, the fingerprint database.
Politics 15-01-2003

Union fingerprints all asylum seekers

Effective 15 January, a new Europe-wide database of asylum-seekers' fingerprints goes into operation, signalling an attempt by the Member States to prevent abuses of the asylum system.

EU sets up fingerprint database to curb illegal immigration

The Justice and Home Affairs Council adopted a Regulation concerning the establishment of Eurodac, a new EU-wide fingerprint database for asylum seekers and certain other categories of third country nationals, designed to combat illegal immigration.