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Europe's East 26-04-2022

Commission plans to upgrade EU judicial agency to protect evidence of war crimes

The European Commission has proposed reinforcing the mandate of Eurojust, the EU judicial agency, to facilitate the collection and protection of evidence of war crimes in Ukraine. 

European police pounce after cracking encrypted phone network

Police said Wednesday (10 March) they had arrested at least 80 people and carried out hundreds of raids in two European countries after shutting down an encrypted phone network used by organised crime groups.

French, Dutch smash huge migrant smuggling ring to UK

French and Dutch police arrested 23 people on suspicion of smuggling 10,000 Kurdish migrants to Britain in refrigerated lorries and rubber boats, Europe's judicial agency said Wednesday (22 January).

European police bust gang looting artifacts in Italy

European police have busted an international crime gang involved in trafficking tens of thousands of Greek archaeological artefacts looted from illegal excavations in Italy, law enforcement agencies said Monday (18 November).
Technology 19-09-2019

European police smash ‘world’s largest’ TV piracy operation

European police stormed various locations while police in Bulgaria, Italy, France, Germany, Greece and the Netherlands carried out raids coordinated by the EU's judicial cooperation agency, Eurojust, smashing what they called the world's biggest pirate streaming TV network with five million customers in Italy alone.

EU launches new counter-terrorism database

Eurojust, the EU’s agency on judicial co-operation, launched a Counter-Terrorism Register on Thursday (5 September), designed to streamline the exchange of information between EU member states for potential terrorist offences.

Dozens of mafia suspects held in international sting

Police arrested dozens of suspected mobsters in Europe and South America on Wednesday (5 December) in a huge international swoop targeting Italy's notorious 'Ndrangheta mafia clan, officials said.

May’s government warns hard Brexit would jeopardise security

A no-deal Brexit would jeopardise security cooperation with the European Union, Britain's security minister Ben Wallace will say on Thursday (29 November).

European Union to get a single public prosecutor

A Luxembourg-based chief prosecutor, first envisioned in the 2009 Lisbon Treaty, will start work next year after getting final approval from the European Parliament today.

Making the case for a European Public Prosecutor’s Office

Under the Lisbon Treaty, the EU has the chance to set up a pan-European prosecutor’s office. Progress has been slowed by national governments blocking the proposal. Now, a number of prosecutors in favour of the idea call on the member states to move forward with the plan.
Technology 18-11-2016

Romania and EU agencies smash cybercrime gang

Romanian police have smashed, with the help of European law enforcement agencies, a computer fraud gang accused of stealing millions of euros from unsuspecting victims, officials said Thursday (17 November).

Cross-border crime too great a threat to contemplate less cooperation

If European police and prosecutors are to cooperate effectively, legal mechanisms that provide a robust institutional framework have to be put in place and remain there, argues James Wolffe QC.

Elections 23-11-2015

Liberal ALDE party elects Hans Van Baalen as new President

MEP Hans van Baalen (VVD), a Dutch member of the European Parliament, was elected the new President of the ALDE Party at the ALDE Party Congress in Budapest on Saturday (21 November), triumphing over former Estonian Commissioner Siim Kallas.

Europe gears up to fight refugee smugglers

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived in the EU since last Spring, seeking shelter from war, instability and poverty.  EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.

Eurojust chief steps down amid accusations

José Luís Lopes da Mota, president of Eurojust, communicated yesterday (17 December) his resignation amid growing accusations concerning his involvement in the controversial 'Freeport' case in Portugal.
Security 26-07-2004

Judicial cooperation in the EU: the role of Eurojust

In this report, the UK House of Lords EU committee reviews the first year or so of Eurojust full operation. It also examines the controversial issue of whether a European Public Prosecutor should be established.
Security 14-11-2003

What powers do Eurojust national members have to fight organised crime?

On 14-15 November, the Italian Ministry of Justice, is organising a seminar on the powers of Eurojust national members to help develop the European Criminal Judicial Area.
Security 28-09-2001

Ministers boost EU judicial cooperation

Justice and home affairs ministers agreed on 27 September to set up an EU-wide judicial cooperation network called "Eurojust". The network of prosecuters will coordinate cross-border co-operation in investigations into crimes such as terrorism and money laundering. Eurojust should be up and running by early 2002.