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Politics 19-03-2018

Northern League gets staff to applaud at European Parliament presser

Est. 3min

Italy’s far right took advantage of the European Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg to flex its muscles during a press conference last week. This was contrary to the regulations of the institution and was not generally appreciated. EURACTIV.fr reports

Politics 07-03-2018

EU Parliament to claim €427,000 from National Front over expenses abuse

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The European Parliament could claim €427,000 from Marine Le Pen’s political group in the European Parliament for “unreasonable” and “non-compliant” expenses. EURACTIV.fr reports.

Economy 23-03-2016

National Front MEP to speak on ‘economic patriotism’ in Moscow

Est. 3min

The French-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has broken a taboo by inviting a National Front politician to be a guest speaker at an event in Moscow. EURACTIV France reports.

National Front stung in attempt to ban bee pesticide

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The main groups in the European Parliament have rejected a proposal from the French National Front to ban a bee-killing pesticide, in an attempt to shut the extreme right out of the legislative process. EURACTIV France reports

EU Priorities 2020 31-07-2015

Wilders inquiry puts far right group under strain

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The French National Front has punished Jean-Marie Le Pen for describing the gas chambers of the Holocaust as a "detail" of history, but enforcing discipline among their European Parliament allies could prove harmful to their fledgling political group. EURACTIV France reports

EU Priorities 2020 20-07-2015

Extreme right group poaches S&D MEP

Est. 2min

Laurentiu Rebega, a Romanian MEP, crossed the floor of the European Parliament last week to join Marine Le Pen's Europe of Nations and Freedom group. EURACTIV France reports

Justice 01-07-2015

Le Pen and Juncker clash at Parliament leaders’ meeting

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The leader of the National Front participated in her first Conference of the Presidents of the European Parliament this Monday (29 June). The meeting was marked by a heated exchange between Marine Le Pen and Juncker. EURACTIV France reports.