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Economy & Jobs 01-06-2021

Global Europe: Is the EU serious about engaging with Africa?

The EU and African Union seek to make up for the time lost in 2020 by accelerating talks on a new strategic partnership covering political and economic cooperation. But some are asking whether the EU’s plan to strike a strategic...
Elections 31-10-2017

What role should Germany’s new federal government play in Europe?

Brexit, EU enlargement, the Greek debt crisis: during the German election campaign European politics has hardly played a role.
Global Europe 22-03-2017

One year after the Brussels attacks, the city remembers those lost

Wednesday (22 March) marks the first anniversary of the Brussels attacks, which took over 30 lives and injured many more, shocking the capital of the European Union
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Collect, Sort, Recycle! Glass is a resource, let’s not waste it!

The aim of this video is to promote the dismantling, collection and recycling of end-of-life building glass (from windows, glazing and other products) and to ensure that end-of-life flat glass does not end up in landfill. Glass from building demolition and renovation should not be treated as a waste. European flat glass industry is eager to use more recycled glass into their manufacturing processes and believes that EU targets on recycling would boost the development of collection schemes at country level.Learn more at: http://www.glassforeurope.com/en/issues/recycling-of-glass-products.php
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Future EU 12-09-2012

EU Barroso calls for ‘federation of nation states’

Speaking before the European Parliament, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso urged Europe in his annual 'State of the Union' speech to be a 'federation of nations states'.