About: European Agency for Maritime Security

EU maritime agency gets ready to use drones to monitor refugee boats

The director of the EU maritime safety agency said civil drones are most needed to monitor hotspots and detect refugees arriving to Europe by boat.
Transport 12-12-2006

EU steps up safety inspections for vessels in ports

Transport ministers reached agreement on a directive aiming to ensure that safety inspections are carried out on all ships calling at EU ports in a bid to prevent pollution at sea.
Transport 03-04-2006

Commission wants new all-embracing maritime policy

The Commission will kick-start a public debate in May with a 'Green paper' proposing a comprehensive approach to issues as diverse as fisheries, shipbuilding, tourism, energy, environmental protection and maritime safety.
Transport 20-11-2002

Has the EU failed to act on maritime safety?

The shipwreck of the oil tanker "Prestige" raises new questions about maritime safety and environmental liability.
Transport 10-12-2001

Council agrees on European Agency for Maritime Security

The EU ministers of transport reached a political agreement on the creation of a European Agency for Maritime Security, at the Transport Council on 6-7 December 2001. The ministers also adopted a Directive concerning the reporting formalities for ships arriving in and departing from Community ports.