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Aviation 18-05-2017

EU, US hold ‘robust’ talks on possible airline laptop ban

Top US and EU officials traded intelligence Wednesday (17 May) on what they called "serious evolving threats" to airline security as Washington mulls banning carry-on computers on flights from Europe.
Aviation 05-04-2017

EU regulator says airline ‘laptop ban’ may compromise safety

Europe's aviation regulator voiced concern on Wednesday (5 April) over the risk of battery fires in the cargo holds of passenger planes after US and British authorities banned certain electronics from passenger cabins.
Transport 17-08-2016

EU to toughen air pilots’ health screening

The European Commission will propose laws to toughen screening for new pilots by the end of this year after aviation safety authorities called for stricter medical requirements.
Transport 21-10-2015

Commission battles Berlin in aftermath of Germanwings crash

EU laws on air safety, in particular, rules affecting health checks for pilots, came under the spotlight after a Germanwings flight crashed on 24 March in the French Alps, killing 150 people.
Transport 14-10-2015

Beyond MH17, a century of air crash probes and new pressures

As the spotlight falls on Dutch crash investigators and their high-profile probe into the downing of a Malaysian airliner, air accident detectives worldwide are waging a much more discreet daily battle to keep flying safe.
Transport 23-09-2015

Report: UN agency delays plane tracking proposal

The United Nations agency that oversees civil aviation may delay a plan to require that airlines track the location of their planes by two years, to 2018, according to an internal report seen by Reuters.
Transport 17-09-2015

EU to impose compulsory flight tracking after MH370 disappearance

The European Union is pursuing plans to impose mandatory flight-tracking in response to the disappearance of a Malaysian jetliner, but will not mandate a specific interval for position updates.
UAV flyover
Transport 27-08-2015

Europe faces up to flight safety threat posed by drones

No-drone zones, software to block flights into sensitive areas and registration rules are among proposals from European regulators and aviation experts to ensure growing numbers of drones don't case dangerous run-ins with passenger aircraft.

Aviation safety body sets out risk-based approach to civil drone use

Three categories of civil drone should be created to regulate the unmanned aerial vehicles now used in everything from filming to farming and parcel deliveries, Europe's aviation safety body has proposed.
Transport 18-09-2012

Pilots group questions draft flight safety rules

Regulations proposed by the EU’s air safety agency for reducing fatigue in the cockpit are too lax, reflecting pressure from the airline industry for more flexibility, leaders of the European pilots’ organisation said yesterday (17 September).