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Economy & Jobs 26-01-2021

Banks ask for better data to implement EU green finance taxonomy 

The availability of good data is seen as one of the main challenges to implement the EU taxonomy on sustainable finance, according to a test conducted by banks published on Monday (25 January).
Energy 15-06-2016

Homeowners offered cheaper mortgages in return for energy efficiency renovations

EXCLUSIVE / Homeowners will qualify for reduced repayment rates on their mortgages if they undertake energy efficiency renovations, and lower interest rates on loans to pay for them, under “pioneering” plans being drawn up by lenders for consideration by EU and global regulators.
Economy & Jobs 23-09-2015

Hill says CMU ‘will not replace bank funding’

As Europe gets ready to unveil its Capital Markets Union plan next week, Financial Services Commissioner Jonathan Hill said he wants bank to play a “pivotal role”.
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Euro & Finance 25-04-2014

EBF urges EU to preserve universal banking model

In this EURACTIV video statement, Guido Ravoet, Chief Executive of the European Banking Federation, outlines the federation’s view on the plans for structural reform that the European Commission has proposed at the beginning of this year and urges the EU to preserve the universal banking model. You can learn more about the EBF position on structural reform by visiting http://bit.ly/EBF-structuralreform.
Euro & Finance 18-09-2013

Banker: ‘Member states should handle rights to bank accounts’

The European Commission's proposals to give citizens the right to open a bank account are admirable, according to the European Banking Federation’s Eric Leenders, but there needs to be a clear distinction between opening accounts for economic migrants and opening accounts for social inclusion. He tells EURACTIV that bank accounts for social inclusion purposes should be left within the determination of the member states.
Euro & Finance 16-09-2013

Bankers balk at EU proposals to enable account switching

Plans for empowering EU citizens with automatic cross-border rights to switch bank accounts within the bloc will be costly and too bureaucratic to implement, Europe’s largest banking lobby group has warned.