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Trump, EBS, and Manchester
Global Europe 26-05-2017

Tweets of the Week: Trump, EBS, and Manchester

Happy holiday Friday! It’s no rest for the wicked as this week we’re playing Top Trump Tweets!
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EU Matters with Lars Erik Gronntun
Public Affairs 03-06-2016

EU Matters with Lars Erik Grønntun

At the European Business Summit, Giovanni Colombo spoke to Lars Erik Grønntun, President and CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies EMEA, to discuss challenges currently facing the EU, and how to communicate in times of crisis.

Pedro de Sampaio Nunes: We must scrap excessive legislation

“Structural reforms can give our economies a competitive advantage,” Eureka head Pedro de Sampaio Nunes said during the 2015 European Business Summit in Brussels.
Energy 11-05-2015

Anders Marvik: It’s time for the Commission to put things into action

“We really need to see a growth investment to really see the change in Europe. That hasn't happened yet,” said Statoil's EU Affairs Office Vice President Anders Marvik during the 2015 European Business Summit in Brussels.

Thierry Mallet: The Commission should focus on recycling

“The circular economy is a very important matter,” said Thierry Mallet, Executive Vice-President for Group Innovation & Business Performance at Suez Environment during the 2015 European Business Summit in Brussels.

Roland Verstappen: Industry in Europe is growing, but not enough

“Overall, I'm optimistic, but we have to do massive restructuring in some key markets,” said Roland Verstappen, Heineken's Global Director of Public & Governmental Affairs, during the 2015 European Business Summit.
Trade & Society 08-05-2015

Hubert Weber: Industry 4.0 is crucial

“There is so much opportunity to talk to consumers in the digital space, in social media across the EU,” said Mondelez Europe's President Hubert Weber at the 2015 European Business Summit in Brussels.
Trade & Society 08-05-2015

Thomas Reynaert: We are far from having a complete EU single market

“There is a lack of implementation of many important directives. For instance, with the energy efficiency buildings directive we see a lot of problems in member states,” said Thomas Thomas Reynaert, President of United Technologies' International Operations in Europe during the 2015 European Business Summit.
Digital 08-05-2015

Liam Benham: Europe cannot compete with US, Asia without a Digital Single Market

“The announcements by Ansip will be critical to make sure we get the scale, the innovation we need in Europe,” said IBM's Vice President of Governmental Programs in Europe Liam Benham at the 2015 European Business Summit.
Trade & Society 08-05-2015

Thomas Tindemans: ‘The EU is facing existential questions again’

During the 2015 European Business Summit in Brussels, Hill+Knowlton Chief Executive Officer Thomas Tindemans spoke to EURACTIV about the current state of business in Europe.
Competition 07-05-2015

Seven questions and three recommendations about TTIP

TTIP is currently “too big to fly”. Pierre Defraigne offered his vision for the future of TTIP in a speech to the European Business summit.
Economy & Jobs 06-05-2015

Wrap-up : European Business Summit 2015 rolling coverage

On 6-7 May, Brussels hosted its 15th annual European Business Summit, around the theme "Industry 4.0".