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EU-China 07-05-2019

China defends rejigged ‘Belt and Road’ initiative against EU criticism

“The 'Belt and Road' cooperation is entering into a new stage,” the Chinese ambassador to the EU Zhang Ming promised on Monday (6 May), questioning the EU's reluctance to join China's massive infrastructure programme.
Economy & Jobs 06-05-2015

Wrap-up : European Business Summit 2015 rolling coverage

On 6-7 May, Brussels hosted its 15th annual European Business Summit, around the theme "Industry 4.0".
Industrial Policy 15-05-2013

EU businesses urge leaders to cut ‘green tape’

European companies’ competitiveness is hampered by unnecessary burdensome legislative instruments in climate, energy and environment and policymakers must rebalance industrial strategies towards manufacturing, BusinessEurope president Jürgen Thumann said in an interview with EURACTIV. The European Business Summit (EBS) begins today (15 May).
Euro & Finance 27-04-2012

Van Rompuy calls ‘Dinner for Growth’ with EU leaders

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy  may call EU heads of state and government together to discuss growth initiatives before June, he told delegates at the European Business Summit in Brussels yesterday (26 April), which focused on skills and growth.

European Business Summit: Live coverage

Skills and growth topped the agenda of this year's European Business Summit, which took place in Brussels on 26 April. This year's conference was attended by Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, Belgian premier Elio Di Rupo, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, with more than 1,000 European business leaders and policymakers.
Trade & Society 26-04-2012

Survey: Skills investment slashed despite dearth

Most European employers (86%) cut or froze their investments in training last year despite ongoing skills shortages and must take urgent remedial action, business and political leaders converging in Brussels for the 2012 European Business Summit will hear today.
Trade & Society 17-05-2011

Special Report: European Business Summit to highlight skills shortage

Europe risks being left behind by its global competitors as a shortage of engineers and scientists feed into lower productivity and a loss of domestic and international trade, delegates at this year's European Business Summit will hear.
Brexit 01-07-2010

Venture capital market has ‘hit the bottom’

Europe's fledgling venture capital market has hit a ''trough'' and needs public money to stimulate its return to growth, according to the European Investment Fund – the EU's long-term investment body. EURACTIV reports from the European Business Summit (EBS) in Brussels.

Euro business buoyed by surprise demand surge

A 22% boost in new industrial orders has provided a much-needed fillip for business leaders gathering in Brussels for this week's European Business Summit.
Trade & Society 29-06-2010

EU firms wary of unpredictable China rules: Survey

European firms remain optimistic about China's economic growth prospects, but are less confident about the near-term outlook for profits and are very concerned about regulatory unpredictability, according to a survey.
Trade & Society 22-02-2008

EU vagueness on climate ‘bad for business’

The lack of clarity regarding the kind of measures the EU will put in place to safeguard the competitiveness of its companies in the event that no global pact on climate is agreed is forcing businesses to delay important investment decisions, according to corporate leaders.
Future EU 15-03-2004

European Business Summit: Competitiveness to be priority of ‘Lisbon Commission’

The next European Commission should focus on re-appraising and implementing the Lisbon agenda. This was the main message of the European Business Summit, held on 11-12 March.
Future EU 12-03-2004

EU has to seize the political momentum of 2004, say business leaders

At the European Business Summit in Brussels, stakeholders agreed that the Lisbon objectives must be reached if the EU is to keep its current living standards. Research and innovation will have to play a key role.
Future EU 11-03-2004

European Business Summit 2004: Putting the EU economy back on track

Over two days, business leaders will meet with policy-makers to discuss the role of research and innovation in boosting the EU's economy. Their recommendations will be presented to the Spring Summit.
Future EU 20-02-2004

European Business Summit 2004 – focus on research and innovation

This year's EBS will provide a platform for dialogue between research and innovation stakeholders and policy-makers, just in time for them to present recommendations to the Spring Summit in March.
Future EU 10-06-2002

EBS: better governance and faster progress on Lisbon process needed

Better EU governance and faster progress on the Lisbon targets are the key to a succesful enlargement. This was the main message of the two-day European Business Summit, which was attended by around 2000 business leaders, policy-makers and representatives of NGOs.
Health 07-06-2002

EBS: Enlargement the only way to make EU a player in the world

The European Business Summit, taking place in Brussels on 6 and 7 June, took EU enlargement as its main theme to promote East-West co-operation.
Enlargement 06-06-2002

European Business Summit starts in Brussels

European business leaders, policy makers and civil society organisations are gathering in Brussels for a two-day European Business Summit, dedicated to enlargement and sustainable development.
Enlargement 07-05-2002

European Business Summit dedicated to enlargement

European business leaders, policy makers and civil society organisations will discuss enlargement and sustainable development at the second edition of the European Business Summit, taking place in Brussels on 6-8 June.

European Business Summit

From 9-11 June, a special European Business Summit will be held in Brussels to foster "creativity and innovation" in European economics and business.