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  • Server problems still haunting EU’s first ‘citizens’ initiatives’

    News | Public Affairs 12-07-2012

    Fraternité 2020, the first registered European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), will start collecting signatures as soon as the organisers have overcome server problems. The organisers from the Citizens’ Committee still maintain the goal of collecting one million signatures from all over Europe by May 2013.

  • IT problems hinder first EU citizen’s petitions

    News | Public Affairs 15-06-2012

    The first six European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs) in EU history have launched campaigns and are collecting signatures, but it’s at the moment impossible to support an ECI online due to what one group calls "severe" problems.

  • Attali: A federal Europe is the only way out of the crisis

    News | Future EU 18-04-2012

    ?The only way to save the euro and get Europe out its financial crisis while maintaining people’s living standards is to have a more integrated union, the economist Jacques Attali said in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.

  • Citizens’ Initiative ‘not a Eurocrats’ matter’

    News | Future EU 04-04-2012

    A conference held last Friday (30 March) by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the Committee of the Regions called for European Citizens’ Initiatives to be taken up by actors outside the Brussels bubble. They stressed in particular the need for petition organisers to work with local authorities and stakeholders ahead of the 2014 European elections.

  • Belgians submit Citizens’ Initative to make ‘frites’ their own

    News | Future EU 01-04-2012

    Belgium's attempt at registering the ubiquitous ‘frites’ as a traditional specialty protected under EU law received a boost today (1 April) when the ‘Brussels Frites Forum’ prepared to formally register a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) with over one million signatures.

  • EU opens to first citizens’ initatives amid criticism

    News | Future EU 30-03-2012

    Civil society groups have complained about the prohibitive administrative and security procedures of filing a European Citizen Initiative (ECI) as the EU prepares to venture into participative democracy on Sunday (1 April) by opening the first petitions to registration.

  • EU, from April 1, will allow citizens to propose laws

     Video | Promoted content | Future EU 29-03-2012

    It is not an April Fool's joke. It is finally happening. After years of talks, the EU will launch on the 1st of April the European Citizens initiative. The programme will enable people to propose new laws. Citizens will need to collect one million signatures from at least 7 different member states.

  • European petitions in search for ‘helpdesk’ anchored in civil society

    News | Future EU 26-03-2012

    The new European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) will be launched on 1 April 2012, beginning a new era for participative democracy in Europe. At a conference on 20 March, several challenging questions were raised to EU Institutions: Are member states ready? Is there enough communication? Are ECIs relevant to the 2014 elections? Could there be a neutral civil society helpdesk to assist initiators?

  • Pressure groups gearing up to propose new EU laws

    News | Future EU 31-01-2012

    From legalising same-sex marriage to guaranteeing media pluralism, a dizzying array of petitions is being prepared to suggest new laws to the European Commission under the new European Citizen's Initiative.

  • EU presents e-petition project

     Video | Promoted content | Future EU 26-01-2012

    The European Commission is gearing up to launch an ambitious plan that seeks to make the European Union more democratic.
    From the 1st of April, any citizen of a member state of the EU can introduce an initiative to get his or her idea turned into EU law. To make that happen, they need one million signatures from at least seven countries. This European Citizens' Initiative enables citizens to participate more actively in Europe's democratic life.
    ?Brussels hopes the ECI will boost transparency and increases the quality of European democracy.

  • Europe meets superdemocracy

    Opinion | EU Priorities 2020 26-01-2012

    With two month to go before the first European Citizens' Initiative is registered, governments must invest in a proper participative infrastructure that would make people aware of their rights and build trust in the new forms of empowerment, writes Bruno Kaufmann.

  • Citizens’ Initiative: Trust collective wisdom

    Opinion | EU Priorities 2020 26-01-2012

    The European Union will soon launch the European Citizens' Initiative, a new tool to enhance participatory democracy and dialogue between the EU institutions and citizens. Staffan Nilsson, president of the European Economic and Social Committee, is confident that the instrument will empower Europeans to deliver collective wisdom.