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Towards a European Coking Coal and Steel Community?

When in the aftermath of the Second World War European leaders sought to build a common European future, the first thing they did was to pool the control over two of the most crucial building blocks of the European economy,...
Trade & Society 18-04-2016

Can this son of steel save the industry in Europe?

Policymakers are struggling to find the way forward to preserve a future for the European steel industry, once bedrock of the bloc’s industrial economy, which is currently facing the most serious crisis in its history.

Basque president calls upon EU to counter dumping

President of the Basque Country Íñigo Urkullu today (27 January) called upon the European institutions to put a stop to market dumping and "unfair competition" by Asian economies, particularly in regard to China and the steel sector. 
Future EU 10-05-2011

EU has reached its ‘lowest point in history’

Despite having achieved peace and prosperity, the European project has reached its "lowest point in history," according to policymakers gathered in Florence to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the Schuman Declaration.
Energy 22-05-2007

Coal subsidies maintained until 2010

A Commission report arguing for the preservation of state aid to the coal industry was criticised by environmentalists as a missed opportunity to end subsidies for what they consider the "dirtiest" of all fossil fuels.
Energy 28-10-2003

Council adopts new Directive for tax on all energy products

After five years of discussion, the Council on 27 October adopted a new directive on energy taxation. The aim of the directive is to create an EU-wide system for the taxation of all energy products.
Competition 26-07-2001

New state aid system for coal industry

The European Commission presented on 25 July new rules for state aid to the EU's coal industry. Member States will be allowed to finance the closure of coal mines until 2007 and operational subsidies can be given until 2010.
Energy 08-09-2000

New framework for European Coal and Steel Community

The Commission proposed a new framework for the European Coal and Steel Community.