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Alcohol 30-05-2022

Loophole can undermine countries’ stricter laws for alcohol marketing

A loophole in the EU’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) could undermine EU countries' efforts to impose stricter rules on alcohol advertising, threatening a key objective of the EU's Beating Cancer Plan. 
Cybersecurity 22-04-2022

Commission delays giving new cybersecurity centre full autonomy

The European Commission has been postponing the appointment of a permanent executive director of its new cybersecurity body in order to retain partial control over the organisation, several EU diplomatic sources told EURACTIV.
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Future EU 28-01-2022

Conference on the future of Europe: The fight over its conclusion and follow up

As the works of the Conference on the future of Europe proceed, the clashes within the Conference become apparent. The last plenary provided an interesting example and a clarifying debate. Roberto Castaldi is the editor-in-chief of EURACTIV Italy and the...
Biofuels 14-12-2021

EU incapable of detecting fraud in biofuel imports, complainant says

The EU’s approach to monitoring fraud in the importation of used cooking oil (UCO) – a feedstock used to produce green biodiesel – is unfit for purpose, the complainant behind the EU ombudsman’s recent maladministration ruling has told EURACTIV.
Batteries 21-10-2021

Brussels defends EU battery law against charges from car industry

The European Commission has brushed off industry criticism that the upcoming EU battery regulation could raise the cost of electric vehicles, arguing that prices will fall thanks to increased manufacturing capacity ushered in by EU policies.
Global Europe 17-02-2021

Commission seeks to ‘step up EU leadership’ globally

The European Commission on Wednesday (17 February) presented a strategy on how to promote reform, effectiveness and efficiency in the global multilateral system. It comes at a time when shortfalls of the EU's geopolitical cloud have emerged.
Coronavirus 13-11-2020

World’s top intensive care body advises against remdesivir for sickest COVID patients

Antiviral remdesivir should not be used as a routine treatment for COVID-19 patients in critical care wards, a top health official said, in a blow to the drug developed by US firm Gilead.
Politics 08-05-2020

Tweets of the Week: Court Decision, Funding Marathon, Deconfinement Rules

German court ruling gives ECB a fright, global leaders pull together with all of their might, and in some places it seems a lockdown end is in sight.
Economy & Jobs 04-03-2020

Breton wants EU industrial policy to focus less on consumers, more on businesses

The EU's Internal Market Commissioner, Thierry Breton, wants to put businesses back at the heart of the European Commission's industrial strategy, with less emphasis on reducing consumer prices. EURACTIV France reports.