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Herman Van Rompuy
Future EU 20-09-2017

Van Rompuy: Juncker’s single EU president idea ‘cannot deliver’

A week after the landmark State of the Union speech by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, the first president of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy told EURACTIV.com that merging the two functions at the EU helm could run into legal and political obstacles.

Politics 05-07-2017

Moscovici begins angling for Juncker’s job

With Jean-Claude Juncker now over the half-way point of his term at the head of the European Commission, the jostling ahead of the 2019 presidential contest has already begun. Juncker has always said he will not stand for a second term. EURACTIV Spain reports.

Digital 02-11-2015

Juncker Commission: First year report card

Sunday (1 November) marked the first-year anniversary of the Juncker Commission. The EURACTIV team has looked over its achievements over the past twelve months, and written the executive’s end-of-year school report, grading it from A-F on different issues. 

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Economy & Jobs 29-10-2014

Barroso says ‘adeus’ after 10 years

He has been the longest-serving EU leader. After 10 years in office, outgoing European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso gave his last press conference in Brussels on Wednesday.

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EU Priorities 2020 14-10-2014

Barroso takes stock after 10 years at the Commission

Even after two mandates characterised by successive crises, the current President of the European Commission, due to leave his post in November this year, admits he has lost some illusions about the European Union, but not his enthusiasm. EURACTIV France reports.

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Belgium keeps Juncker waiting

Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker started interviewing candidates for commissioners on Tuesday, after all member states except Belgium presented their candidacies. Belgium is expected to do so on 4 September, though the Commission has not confirmed the date.

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EU Priorities 2020 09-07-2014

Juncker to eurosceptics: I’m no federalist

Designated European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has vowed to appoint a socialist as Economics Commissioner.

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Brexit 30-06-2014

Cameron defeated as EU nominates Juncker Commission President

“I can announce you the European Council has just adopted a decision to propose Mr Jean-Claude Juncker to the European parliament as Commission President”.

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Brexit 27-06-2014

Cameron on Juncker’s nomination: Today was a bad day for Europe

Speaking in a press conference after EU leaders nominated Jean-Claude Juncker as the next President of the European Commission, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that 'it was a bad day for Europe'. 'This has reconfirmed my opinion that Europe needs to change', Cameron added.

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Brexit 27-06-2014

Merkel defends Juncker’s nomination

Speaking in a press conference after EU leaders proposed Jean-Claude Juncker as the next President of the European Commission, German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended on Friday the European Council's decision of nomination EPP's Jean-Claude Juncker as the next Commission President. “He has broad European experience and he is willing to accommodate national and EU demands”, Merkel said.

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Brexit 27-06-2014

EU nominates Juncker as Commission President

On Friday, EU leaders nominated former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker as the next President of the European Commission despite strong opposition from the UK and Hungary.

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EU Priorities 2020 27-06-2014

Thorning-Schmidt: Juncker is an experienced politician

Speaking ahead of a European Council meeting in Brussels on Friday, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said that Jean-Claude Juncker is an 'experienced politician'.