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Brexit 06-07-2016

A wakeup call for Europe

The UK referendum was a clear signal that Europe is not working. Citizens are tired of paternalistic, closed-door decision-making. The time for a democratic overhaul is now, writes Gerald Häfner.
Andrew Duff
Brexit 19-11-2015

Making the Brexit deal ‘formal, legally-binding and irreversible’

If the heads of government want to placate Cameron, they can promise to change the treaty in the future, but such a promise will be neither legally-binding nor irreversible, writes Andrew Duff.
Civil society initiative Europe+
EU Priorities 2020 07-07-2014

A call for the renewal of European democracy

Anti-democratic forces are gaining ground at many levels of European society. Now is the time for Europe to renew democracy and introduce participation, Niccolo Milanese and Peter Oomsels write.
Future EU 12-03-2003

The Convention: Does a deeper debate favour consensus?

The Convention: Does a deeper debate favour consensus? The first informal plenary session of the Convention took place on 5 March. While the in-depth discussion allowed for real interaction between Convention members, consensus-building clearly remains a difficult exercise. Convention continues...
Future EU 10-03-2003

The Convention: approaching the endgame

The Convention: approaching the endgame With the Convention approaching its final stages, one of its leading members, Andrew Duff MEP, in an interview with Giovanni Grevi, argues that a consensus outcome is probable but it may exclude some important political...