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Future EU 17-10-2018

A technical European Council to defuse tension

The European heads of state will meet in Brussels for three days. France is hoping to avoid reopening the eternal political debate surrounding migration and make progress on specific aspects, including Brexit – even though the final agreement is not ready. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 23-07-2018

Political scientist: Germans are used to V4’s strong “No” from time to time

The EU's stand on migration policy is moving towards the demands of the Visegrad group, one of the best functioning groups in the bloc, says Dr Kai-Olaf Lang, adding that in many respects, Germany and V4 are much closer to each other today than Germany and France.

World Refugee Day, a reminder for EU leaders that reforming the migration system is urgent

Millions are fleeing war or persecution worldwide. As we commemorate their strength and courage on World Refugee Day, we try to be calm quoting the record high number of 68.5 million displaced people – 3 million higher than the total population of the UK – 25.4 million refugees, 40 million internally displaced and 3.1 million asylum seekers, writes Luca Jahier.
Data protection 22-03-2018

EU heads of state issue warning over Facebook data case

The 28 EU heads of state issued a warning shot on Thursday (22 March) over allegations that 50 million Facebook users’ data was harvested without their consent to influence political campaigns.
Global Europe 20-03-2018

No new Russia sanctions, or Tusk letter to Putin

Theresa May will update fellow EU leaders on the Salisbury spy attack on Thursday evening but has not requested any further sanctions on Russia following the attack, an EU official has said.
Global Europe 14-12-2017

Migration row mars EU summit, exposes divides

EU leaders ended the first day of the end-of-year European Council summit with no sign of tensions thawing amid recent disagreements on migration, which have once again exposed divides between eastern members and 'old Europe'.
Politics 17-11-2017

‘Let’s do our work’ on social policy, Juncker tells member states

Europe’s credibility hinges on national leaders agreeing social legislation that applies across the bloc, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Friday (17 November) at a summit with leaders from EU countries in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Brexit 20-10-2017

#EUCO wrapup: EU summit agrees on ‘Leaders agenda’ despite Brexit

EU leaders wound up two-days of high-level talks in Brussels on Friday (20 October). Digital single market, migration, defence, but also Catalonia and Turkey, were discussed on Thursday. On Brexit, the leaders welcomed 'some progress' in the talks, but said it was not enough to move to phase two, postponing that assessment for December.
Future EU 29-09-2017

Tusk vows to keep unity with proposal on EU’s future

European Council President Donald Tusk has set himself a time limit of two weeks to talk to leaders from every EU member state before he proposes a plan for how to advance on the future of Europe.
Europe's East 22-06-2017

EU leaders agree to extend sanctions against Moscow

EU leaders have agreed to extend sanctions against Moscow for another six months because of Russia's failure to implement a peace deal for Ukraine, European Council President Donald Tusk said in a tweet on the first day of the 22-23 June EU Summit.
Future EU 21-06-2017

Macron prepares for first EU summit as a free political agent

Right, left or centre? In preparation for his first EU summit as president of France, Emmanuel Macron has chosen not to throw his lot in with any political family. He has his own strategy and expectations are high all round. EURACTIV France reports.
Brexit 19-10-2016

Brexit will dominate Council summit behind the scenes

With London and Brussels going head to head over Brexit, the EU's leaders are eagerly awaiting Theresa May's first European Council summit this week. EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 20-03-2015

Wrap up: EU summit on energy union, Ukraine and Greece

Energy Union, and the ongoing tensions with Russia over Ukraine, dominated EU leaders' talks in Brussels this week (19-20 March). Follow our live coverage below.
Brexit 19-03-2015

Cameron announces fund to fight Russian ‘bullies’

UK Prime Minister David Cameron used possibly his last European Council summit to announce a £20 million (€27.66 million) fund to make Ukraine, other ex-Soviet states, and the Balkans more resistant to Russian “bullying” tactics.
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EU Priorities 2020 13-02-2015

Hollande: “Ukraine agreement is a ray of hope”

“We reached an agreement; we could have failed. But the agreement does not guarantee an enduring success in the days to come. We must continue to be vigilant, to apply pressure and to continue the movement that has been started thanks to the initiative that the Chancellor and I have been able to launch.

Paris to hold emergency summit of European Ministers

European and American Home Affairs Ministers will assemble in Paris on Sunday 11 January, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, for an emergency meeting on counter-terrorism measures. EURACTIV France reports
Euro & Finance 18-12-2014

Member states seek guarantees for Juncker plan contributions

Jean-Claude Juncker yesterday presented his investment plan for the European Council's consideration, using the opportunity to ask for further contributions. On top of numerous criticisms, the question of the distribution of funds has caused divisions within the Council. EURACTIV France reports
EU Priorities 2020 18-12-2014

Tusk prepares first EU summit with light discussion menu

Europe's heads of state will review the proposed €315bn Juncker investment plan at the EU summit opening today (18 December). The issue threatens to divide the Council, with Tusk planning to finish the discussion before midnight. EURACTIV France reports
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Tusk after his appointment as EU Council President: “I am really moved”

EU leaders elected Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Saturday to replace Herman Van Rompuy as the next President of the European Council.
Andrzej Ancygier
Energy 02-09-2014

A black day for the EU’s climate policy

Donald Tusk’s nomination as the next president of the European Council is a major game changer for the EU's energy and climate policy. And it is not a good one, writes Andrzej Ancygier.
Jean-Claude Juncker with European heads of state [European Council]
EU Elections 2014 29-08-2014

Wrap-up: Leaders choose Tusk, Mogherini at Summit

EU leaders gathered at the European Council in Brussels, on Saturday (30 August), to break the deadlock on EU top jobs and to respond to the escalating conflict in Eastern Ukraine. An overview of events, as they happened, is below.
Enlargement 25-06-2014

EU to grant Albania ‘candidate’ status

Albania has finally been accepted as an official EU membership candidate. European affairs ministers agreed to start Albania's EU membership process, but warn that further progress depends on sustained efforts to reform. EURACTIV France reports.
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Data protection 25-10-2013

Cameron: ‘A la carte’ mode makes EU stronger

Answering a question by EURACTIV's journalist Georgi Gotev, UK's Prime Minister David Cameron said that 'picking and choosing' what EU policies member states want to follow will make Europe 'stronger and not weaker' After hosting a meeting between EU leaders and UK business figures on the margins of a 2-day EU summit in Brussels, Cameron said that cutting EU red tape will 'help businesses grow, take on people and get our economies moving'.
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Data protection 25-10-2013

MEPs urge EU leaders to suspend SWIFT agreement with US amid spying scandal

As EU leaders gather for a 2-day summit in Brussels, MEPs are demanding explanations over the allegations that the US have been spying on European head of state and have urged EU leaders to take action. 'I'm very disappointed about the weak attitude the Europeans again showed towards the US, tapping phone of Angela Merkel this is the top of all scandals information we have received, and the Europeans prefer still to play diplomacy, and refuse any strong reaction', said Green MEP Rebecca Harms.