About: European Court of Justice

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Economy & Jobs 11-09-2014

Commission welcomes EU court ruling over Mastercard cross-border fees

The European Court of Justice ruled on Thursday that MasterCard broke competition law when setting interchange charges for cross-border card payments. The European Commission welcomed the court's decision.
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Digital 13-06-2014

EU’s top court backs Commission antitrust fine to Intel

The European Court of Justice confirmed on Thursday the 1.4 billion dollars fine that the European Commission imposed on Intel after an antitrust investigation.
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Economy & Jobs 21-05-2014

Germany can deny social benefits to non-German EU nationals, EU top court says

A European Court of Justice legal adviser said on Tuesday that Germany may refuse nationals of other Member States ‘social security benefits for jobseekers who are in need of assistance, on the basis of a general criterion that demonstrates the absence of a genuine link with the host Member State,