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Development Policy 07-03-2018

Double whammy for humanitarian aid in wake of Oxfam scandal

EU aid for the health sector in the Dominican Republic could be called into question following the Oxfam scandal in neighbouring Haiti. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Development Policy 26-06-2013

Africa’s economic outlook brightens amid continued inequalities

Africa is one of the world’s fastest growing regions and should remain so in the coming years. But its progress is hampered by an ever-widening income gap, development experts said at the Brussels launch of the 'African Economic Outlook 2013' report.
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Development Policy 26-04-2013

Measles outbreak calls for quick action to vaccinate children in war-torn Mali

Measles and polio are deadly diseases that have been long forgotten in Europe. In Mali, however, reality is quite different. The recent armed conflict  in the north of the country has not only forced thousands of people to flee their homes, but has also caused outbreaks of infections such as measles or cholera among children. In an attempt to alleviate the effects of the war on the most vulnerable, health workers from a coalition of NGOs have recently carried out a 10-day campaign to vaccinate thousands of children.
Development Policy 23-04-2013

In Mali, a perilous push to vaccinate children

Braving minefields and sporadic fighting, health workers have carried out a campaign in recent days to vaccinate thousands of children in northern Mali against measles, polio and other deadly diseases.