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Brexit 19-11-2018

The Brexit saga will go on for years

The deal agreed between the United Kingdom and the European Union has detonated the biggest political dispute in British politics since Neville Chamberlain came back from Munich in 1938 waving a leaf of paper and proclaiming he had won “Peace in our time”, writes Denis MacShane.
Brexit 03-10-2016

As Theresa May tries to buy Tory peace Brexit politics heats up

Theresa May’s has spent nearly every waking moment since leaving university thinking about her Conservative Party to which she has devoted all her life, writes Denis MaShane.
Brexit 19-09-2016

Switzerland and EU head – politely – for the rocks

As all eyes focus on Brexit - where everything has changed but nothing has started - there is another proud European democracy which would like to shut its doors to immigrants but keep open the EU’s doors to its goods and services – Switzerland, writes Denis MacShane.

Models for the European Neighbourhood Policy: The European Economic Area and the Northern Dimension

This paper, written by Marius Vahl and published by the Centre for European Policy Studies, focuses on two particular EU policies towards non-EU members in Northern Europe: the Northern Dimension (ND) initiative and the European Economic Area (EEA), which are analysed in light of two broader themes: first, how the EU organises its policy towards its neighbours more generally and, secondly, the enlargement process and how the EU has attempted to develop alternatives to EU membership.

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