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The EU has become beset by delays to both 5G security protocols as well as the rollout of the technology itself.
5G 08-01-2021

EU nations divided on 5G security, auditors say

EU nations are 'progressing at different paces' in terms of security protocols introduced by the European Commission in order to ensure the safety of next-generation telecommunications networks, the European Court of Auditors has said.
Technology 25-08-2019

Commission to seek clarifications from Italy on French hiker found dead

The EU executive will urgently contact the Italian authorities to better understand the exact circumstances regarding the lack of instant and accurate caller location of a French hiker found dead in Italy earlier this month, an EU source told EURACTIV.com.
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Technology 20-05-2018

Europe’s next digital network: power and responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility. Various versions of this quote were attributed throughout history to Churchill, Roosevelt and more recently to Spiderman.
Politics 31-08-2017

How many attacks until Europe acts on public warnings?

It is only a few weeks since the Barcelona terrorist attack. The professionalism of emergency responders was great but in the aftermath of a tragedy, it is our obligation to examine what could be improved and do better, writes Gary Machado.
Technology 10-04-2017

Europe’s digital union is stuck in Brussels

A draft EU telecoms law could cause major economic growth and create jobs, but there is a high risk it could be diluted by the Brussels compromise machine, write Steven Tas and Lise Fuhr.
Technology 23-03-2017

Regulating digital services

The draft European Electronic Communication Code (EECC) aims to adapt end-user protection to the digital era and ensure that telecoms rules focus on the sector’s specific needs.
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Technology 06-03-2017

Sébastien Soriano, 2017 BEREC chair and president on EECC: Regulators’ priorities in 2017

Sébastien Soriano discusses the main priorities for regulators in 2017 with respect to the new Electronic Communications Code, as EU institutions line-up to deliver increased benefits to Europeans.
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Technology 27-02-2017

Anthony Whelan, DG CONNECT on EECC’s objectives

Anthony Whelan explains why it is crucial to agree quickly on a new Electronic Communications Code, as EU institutions line-up to deliver increased benefits to Europeans.