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Technology 19-02-2016

EU campaign to counter Russian propaganda asks MEPs for help

The head of the EU's five-month-old project to counter Russian propaganda online is appealing to MEPs for help to spread information about the EU.
Global Europe 28-08-2015

Tiny EU task force set up to counter Russian propaganda

A small group of eight officials in the European External Action Service will engage in efforts to respond to massive Russian propaganda directed both at the home and international audiences.
Jerzy Pomianowski. [Georgi Gotev]
Global Europe 20-03-2015

EU launches operation to counter Russian propaganda

The European Union is set to launch its first operation in a new propaganda war with Russia, within days of EU leaders giving formal approval to the campaign at a summit yesterday (19 March).
Europe's East 10-01-2013

Polish diplomat to lead European Endowment for Democracy

Catherine Ashton, the EU's foreign policy chief, yesterday (9 January) discussed the strategic vision and mandate of the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), a new initiative to foster democracy in the EU’s neighbourhood, and appointed a Polish diplomat as its executive director.