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  • Food safety agency seeks to repair its risk assessor reputation

    Special Report | Science & Policymaking 11-06-2013

    SPECIAL REPORT / More than a decade after it was established, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) still struggles to persuade consumers that it is a credible risk assessor working for the public good and not unduly influenced by corporate lobbyists.

  • France wants EU to review long-term risks of GM crops

    Agrifood 23-10-2012

    A controversial study pointing to health risks from a type of genetically modified maize and a related pesticide did not provide grounds for questioning previous safety approvals, the French government said on Monday (22 October). But Paris also urged the EU to revamp its food safety procedures and said it would maintain its national moratorium on GM goods.

  • Lawmakers pave way for 222 food health claims

    Health 22-03-2012

    MEPs have upheld plans to create a fixed number of standardised nutritional claims on food and beverages, paving the way for 222 claims such as "low fat" or "reduced cholesterol" to be carried on food packaging.

  • EU investigates de-icing road salt used in Polish food

    Agrifood 07-03-2012

    Regulators investigating the use of de-icing road salt in foodstuffs by three Polish companies – and possibly many more – have notified the Commission’s central Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) and are checking for dangers to health, EURACTIV can reveal.

  • Food agency revamps rules to boost transparency

    Agrifood 06-03-2012

    The European Food Safety Authority, seeking to deflect criticism over the independence of its work, yesterday (5 March) announced moves to clarify disclosure rules and guidelines on who can serve as scientific experts.

  • Food safety agency’s reliability faces fresh criticism

    Agrifood 15-02-2012

    The EU agency charged with reviewing the safety of biotech crops and food products has “frequent conflicts of interest” with the industries it is supposed to evaluate, says a report that adds renewed doubts about its scientific assessments.

  • German authorities blame ‘bad luck’ in E.coli deaths

    Agrifood 14-06-2011

    Germany has finally pinned down the deadly E.coli outbreak to contaminated bean sprouts and shoots grown at an organic farm in northern Germany. But officials said they do not plan to take legal action against the organic grower, saying the contamination was down to "bad luck".

  • Ireland in biggest food scare since ‘mad cow’ disease

    Agrifood 08-12-2008

    Ireland will destroy an estimated 100,000 pigs as the country finds itself embroiled in what is seen as the EU's biggest contaminated food scare since BSE, commonly known as the mad cow disease, brought about the destruction of over four million cattle in the UK five years ago.

  • Animal cloning for food ‘unjustified’, say EU citizens

    Agrifood 10-10-2008

    The vast majority of European citizens have a general negative perception of animal cloning for food production, saying that too little is known of its long-term health and safety effects, according to an EU-wide poll presented yesterday (9 October) by the European Commission.

  • SMEs hit out at cost of EU food labelling proposals

    Agrifood 29-08-2008

    A public hearing in the European Parliament on 28 August 2008 saw food industry stakeholders hit out against Commission proposals on nutrition labelling, which they say are overly complex and will push up costs for small businesses.

  • EU food safety agency aims for more transparency

    Agrifood 09-06-2008

    Amid growing criticism of its GMO bias and growing overall workload, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has decided to develop a database of external scientific experts to help the agency carry out risk assessments and enhance the transparency of the expert recruitment process. 

  • Bluetongue adds to UK farmers’ woes

    Health 24-09-2007

    UK veterinary authorities informed the European Commission on 22 September 2007 of the presence of the bluetongue viral infection in cattle near Ipswich, Suffolk, in another blow for farmers beset by the reinstatement of the EU's ban on British meat exports, following the re-emergence of foot-and-mouth disease in the UK.