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Health 21-09-2021

Europe must play a key role in the revival of global health multilateralism for fairer societies

As Europe aims to build forward stronger and better, it is high time to revive talks on multilateralism. In its efforts to show leadership, Europe should create partnerships and respect the Global South perspective on pandemic preparedness and response.
Health 24-06-2019

Health expert: Need for a new partnership with pharma industry under WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) could provide a platform for a new partnership between the public health sector and the industry, from pharma to alcohol, Clemens Martin Auer, a candidate for the post of WHO Regional Director Europe, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Health 10-07-2018

Investment in digital health and access to drugs at the core of Austrian Presidency

Austria’s EU Presidency will focus on “strong” investment in digital health as well as on regulatory issues when it comes to access to medicines, Dr Clemens Martin Auer told EURACTIV.com in an interview. Dr Clemens Martin Auer is the president of the...
Health 10-10-2017

Andriukaitis: Supporting drug innovation is ‘the only way’

Backing innovation in the pharmaceutical market and developing new evidence-based economic models is the only way forward for future healthcare, according to EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis.
Health 10-10-2017

Pharma boss: Targeting drugs won’t make healthcare systems more sustainable

“Salami-slicing” the cost of medicines, which represent almost one-fifth of health system budgets and are subject to rigorous value assessments, won’t make healthcare systems more sustainable in the future, Nathalie Moll told EURACTIV.com in an interview.
Health 04-10-2017

Gastein boss: Drugs access is ‘sensitive’ and cannot be viewed in isolation

Accessibility of medicines is a sensitive issue that must not be examined in isolation. Policymakers, academics, business and patients must be part of the discussion as well as “innovation” because access would not get the focus it needs without it, according to Dorli Kahr-Gottlieb.
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Health 22-08-2016

Are young professionals ready to face demographic challenges – and recognize opportunities for health?

The European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) goes into its 19th edition this year. The topic: Demographics and Diversity in Europe – New Solutions for Health.
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Join the 19th EHFG!
Health 23-05-2016

Creating a better future for health in Europe – Join the 19th EHFG!

There is more to demographic change than “only” ageing. At the #EHFG2016 we will discuss the full spectrum of what dynamics create a stir in Europe’s populations – and Europe’s healthcare systems.

EU urged to include health in all policies

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission is required by the EU treaty to follow a "health in all policies" approach, but this principle is often put aside due to inconsistency of single market rules, according to health advocates.
Oil and Industry 05-10-2015

After Ebola, global health experts say crisis is the new normal

SPECIAL REPORT / After nearly a decade of economic crisis, an Ebola epidemic in West Africa, and a refugee crisis, experts say that EU health systems must get used to the fact that "shockwaves" are here to stay.
Oil and Industry 02-10-2015

Health forum looks for better ways to treat patients with multimorbidities

SPECIAL REPORT / A growing number of Europeans are diagnosed with multimorbidities, or co-occurring diseases. As caring for patients with multimorbidities is resource-intensive and expensive, experts are looking into new types of treatment.  
Health 01-10-2015

WHO calls on private sector to finance costs of chronic diseases

SPECIAL REPORT / As the economic burden of chronic diseases continues to grow in Europe, the private sector - including pharmaceutical and insurance companies - needs to contribute more, says the World Health Organisation (WHO).  
Health 30-09-2015

Health forum discusses emerging ‘threats and opportunities’

SPECIAL REPORT / From budget austerity to the Ebola crisis, and the ongoing refugee crisis, policymakers at this year’s European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) in Austria have no lack of challenges to tackle.
Healthcare performance
Oil and Industry 07-10-2014

Well-performing health systems make Europe ‘politically stable’

SPECIAL REPORT: Improving health system performance has been on the political agenda in all member states over the past couple of years. This is crucial, because health systems are at the heart of the EU's social model, the Commission says.
Health literacy
Oil and Industry 06-10-2014

The Internet is causing more problems for health literacy

SPECIAL REPORT: While policymakers, doctors and other health campaigners want to educate the public to take care of its health, the Internet is making the task ever more difficult. 
Aid workers
Development Policy 03-10-2014

EU punching below its weight on global health issues

SPECIAL REPORT: The Ebola crisis and immunisation campaigns in Africa have demonstrated the EU's added value in addressing global health issues. But there is still potential to improve if EU countries were less "suspicious" of each other, health experts say.
Old people
Health 02-10-2014

Four ‘holy grail’ objectives for future public health

SPECIAL REPORT: Many EU governments have made deep cuts to healthcare spending during the financial crisis. But changing demographics mean drastic change is around the corner, with four challenging objectives.
Health 01-10-2014

Health community debates impact of EU elections

SPECIAL REPORT: Policymakers, health organisations and industry will be discussing what the EU election year means for public health at the 17th annual European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) in Austria, which kicks off today (1 October).
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Health 02-09-2014

European Health Forum Gastein 2014

The European Parliament elections - the elections for the President of the European Commisison and the new college of Commissioners in 2014 will earmark an important year of European politics in general and for health policy in Europe in particular.
Innovation 03-10-2013

Forum calls for a ‘shock-proofed’ EU healthcare system

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe’s healthcare systems are in urgent need of “shock-proofing” if they are to meet the challenges posed by severe budget pressures, policymakers will be told this week at the 16th annual Gastein Health Forum in Austria.
Health 09-10-2012

Austerity hikes suicides, but opens door to healthcare innovation

SPECIAL REPORT / Austerity is leading to an increase in mental illness and suicide rate in crisis-hit countries but also offers Europe the chance to embrace radical health innovations, experts at the Gastein forum heard.
Global Europe 08-10-2012

Europe fears new epidemics, cost of vaccines

SPECIAL REPORT / Measles and rubella are “raging” throughout Europe and public fears fuelled by internet-driven campaigns and lack of funding are worsening the situation, delegates at the Gastein Health Forum were told.
Oil and Industry 05-10-2012

Mistrust puts pharmaceutical industry in the spotlight

SPECIAL REPORT / The European healthcare system is struggling to cope with low levels of transparency and trust in the pharmaceutical sector, according to 97% of doctors, industry professionals and policymakers attending a workshop at the Gastein Health Forum yesterday (4 October).
Health 04-10-2012

Forum calls for fewer specialists, more targeted treatments

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe needs fewer specialised doctors and more drugs and treatments to target personal ailments with pinpoint accuracy, policymakers at the Gastein Health Forum heard yesterday (3 October).