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Health 03-11-2021

Health NGOs ask Commission to reconsider “crucial aspects” of HERA

Nineteen European health organisations have asked that HERA be more transparent, prioritise the public interest, and involve Parliament more in the decision-making process, in a joint letter published on Wednesday, 3 November.
Health 16-09-2021

MEPs vow to strengthen role of EU’s agency on infectious diseases

EU lawmakers on Wednesday (15 September) adopted by a large majority the proposal to extend the mandate of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).
Coronavirus 14-09-2021

LEAK: The EU’s new body to prevent the next pandemic

Leaked documents seen by EURACTIV reveal the structure of the European Commission's proposed new authority to prepare against future health crises by developing "medical countermeasures."
Health 02-09-2021

Ahead of German election, parties split on strengthening EU health cooperation

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted debates on stronger European health policy cooperation. In Germany, the EU's most populous country and strongest economy, which holds a general election on 26 September, political parties are divided over whether and how the EU’s role should be strengthened.
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Health 13-05-2021

The case for a European Health Union

The initiative for a European Health Union (EHU) is calling for more, and better Europe amidst the COVID-19 crisis – a renewed concentration on our shared core values, and a commitment to vest into the European Union the necessary powers to sustainably secure better health for all.