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Future EU 04-01-2022

Why Europe? On European Purpose and Power

The world is fragmented and the future is uncertain. New paradigms and narratives are emerging. Why should Europe then be the answer? And what makes Europe “European”? Europa can best be understood by its history, its sufferings and revolutions, the...

‘Yes’ to a Social Europe – ‘no’ to a Social Union

The European Commission’s plan to implement the legally non-binding principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights leads us towards a Social Union rather than a Social Europe. This must be avoided, write a group of EU industry and employer groups.
Defence policy 24-10-2017

EU is moving closer together on defence

After the Brexit vote and Trumps election in 2016, the defence union came to the fore of the EU integration plans. The past EU summit showed that progress has obviously been made, writes Steffen Stiehle of EURACTIV Germany.

On 11 June, Kosovo must elect a European future

Kosovo’s up-coming election is a chance for the country to confirm itself as a “bright spot” in the Balkans and choose the path towards European integration, writes Avdullah Hoti.
Brexit 07-07-2016

Future EU-UK relations: Silver linings or rain clouds?

Now is not the time to get bogged down in what the EU treaties do and do not allow. We need a new vision for Europe that offers members the flexibility they need and can inspire future generations to embrace the European project, writes Tom Parker.
Brexit 06-06-2016

Protecting Europe’s family ties in trying times

In 1946, it was British Conservative Winston Churchill who famously called for the creation of a European family and the establishment of a United States of Europe. So perhaps it is fitting that another Tory may preside over the family’s dissolution, writes Anthony Silberfeld.
EU Elections 2014 26-02-2014

Europe: An ode to fear?

The EU was not the cause of the crisis, even if it lacked an effective response to it. The next European Parliament elections should put European integration front and centre instead of slamming the EU too easily, writes Yves Bertoncini. 
Euro & Finance 27-06-2012

Europe will push back frontiers and open up new horizons

European leaders will have to move towards further integration simply because they cannot afford to climb down. But they are increasingly inclined to ignore borders and launch cross-border initiatives, says Andy Langenkamp.