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Economy & Jobs 23-05-2022

The bankers of the social economy

From the EU Commission to the European Investment Fund, banks and venture capitalists, and then social enterprises, money changes hands many times before reaching its final destination.
Economy & Jobs 16-12-2020

Venturing into cohesion: EU structural funds help create Croatian start-up ecosystem

Equity projects remain an under-explored form of EU financing to jump-start innovation in developing capital markets, but Fil Rouge Capital, a Croatian project, shows they can be a fruitful avenue to stimulate the domestic business ecosystem while raising the country's profile internationally.
Brexit 24-08-2017

Post-Brexit European funds dry up in the UK

Five months after triggering article 50 and beginning negotiations for its exit from the EU, another European fund has frozen investment in the UK. EURACTIV’s partner Le Journal de l’Environnement reports.
A dummy of Jean-Claude Juncker stands in a corridor at the "Juncker for President" Election Night at the EPP, 25 May 2014 [Jean-Claude Juncker/Flick]

Juncker’s €315bn investment plan unveiled: fifteenfold leverage and solidarity for the south

The European Commission yesterday (25 November) unveiled the mechanism for its much-heralded €315 billion investment plan, revealing how a limited €21 billion of initial public money is intended to lift fifteen times as much in capital.
Euro & Finance 26-09-2014

French wary of ‘fake money’ in EU’s €300bn investment plan

European economy and industry ministers met in Brussels yesterday (25 September) to discuss ways of funding an ambitious plan by incoming Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to invest €300 billion over the next five years.

Fund chief: Public finance changes role in crisis

Worsening finance conditions for smaller companies have highlighted a growing need for strategic pan-European efforts. This is why the European Investment Fund is now expanding its role as investor, says Richard Pelly, EIF chief executive.
Brexit 01-07-2010

Venture capital market has ‘hit the bottom’

Europe's fledgling venture capital market has hit a ''trough'' and needs public money to stimulate its return to growth, according to the European Investment Fund – the EU's long-term investment body. EURACTIV reports from the European Business Summit (EBS) in Brussels.