About: European pact on immigration and asylum

Development Policy 25-06-2021

Assist developing countries to find solutions to migratory causes

Debate on the external dimensions of migration and asylum, including effective ways to address the root causes, should not be taboo in the EU, the world’s largest donor of development aid, writes Tomas Tobé.

Britain, chaos and Calais

Sending a few sniffer dogs across the Channel to deal with what David Cameron called “swarms” of refugees cannot cope with the scale of the problem, writes Melanie Sully.

Can we make sense of the UK immigration debate?

Europe was relatively low on the UK's political agenda until a strong showing by UKIP in May 2013 frightened the Conservatives. The recent attempts to compromise the right of free movement will leave the UK with a diminished international standing and a poorer economy, Vicky Pryce argues.