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Elections 13-04-2022

Plans to allow foreign donations to EU parties risks interference, Auditors warn

Plans to overhaul the rules on funding European political parties could leave them open to foreign interference from organisations outside the EU, the European Court of Auditors warned on Wednesday (13 April).
EU Priorities 2020 06-09-2017

Tajani maps out strategy for European Parliament 2019 elections

With just under two years to go until the next European elections, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani has sketched out campaign priorities that rebuff Euroscepticism and populism in favour of getting more people to come out and vote.

The Brief: Can a weak president make the European Parliament stronger?

Antonio Tajani’s election as president of the European Parliament was not greeted with much enthusiasm.

The Brief: Mrs May’s 12-point Brexit shopping list

While the UK media might be presenting this as a "12-point plan", at the moment it is nothing more than a glorified wishlist.
Elections 16-01-2017

Divided European Parliament prepares to elect new president

The European Parliament faces a stormy election for a new president on Tuesday after a long-standing coalition of pro-EU parties collapsed just as the crisis-hit bloc confronts a wave of Eurosceptic populism.
Elections 13-12-2016

Socialists declare end to EU institution grand coalition

The European Parliament grand coalition between the right-wing European People’s Party (EPP) and the Socialist and Democrats (S&D group) is over and cannot be re-established, said its chief, Gianni Pittella, today (13 December) during a news conference in Strasbourg.
Elections 29-11-2016

Social Democrats ready ‘counterattack’ against EPP

The Socialists & Democrats (S&D) are preparing a ‘counterattack’ against the European People’s Party, to ensure that they retain at least one of the EU’s top posts, EURACTIV.com has learned.
Elections 09-09-2016

Schulz: Will he stay or will he go?

Martin Schulz is supposed to give up the European Parliament presidency in January, under an agreement brokered between the two biggest political groups. But a change of plans is afoot. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Le Front National, qui accuse Martin Schulz, président du Parlement, de fraude, caracole en tête des sondages en France.

Schulz brushes off National Front fraud counter-claim

European Parliament President Martin Schulz today (13 March) brushed off accusations of hypocrisy made by Marine Le Pen’s National Front, after he reported the far-right party to anti-fraud investigators.
Brexit 07-07-2014

Pro-EU parties shut out Farage’s EFDD from committees

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage this evening (7 July) blasted the three main pro-European parties for blocking his Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy MEPs from influential positions in European Parliament committees.
EU Elections 2014 07-07-2014

Neo-Nazi takes seat on Parliament Civil Liberties Committee, Schulz furious (updated)

European Parliament President Martin Schulz, anti-racism campaigners and Jewish organisations are outraged that a neo-Nazi MEP has taken a seat on the Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee.
Brexit 01-07-2014

UKIP and National Front stage EU Parliament protests

The UK Independence Party and France’s Front National today (1 July) staged protests at the opening of the new European Parliament in Strasbourg, where Martin Schulz was elected for a second term as European Parliament President.
EU Elections 2014 17-06-2014

Liberals now third largest group in European Parliament

The ALDE Group of Liberals was tonight (17 June) joined by 12 MEPs from four parties, making it the third largest group in the European Parliament with 67 seats.
Brexit 13-06-2014

Five Star Movement votes online to join Farage’s EFD

Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement last night (12 June) voted overwhelmingly in an online referendum to join the UK Independence Party led Europe of Freedom and Democracy  (EFD) group in the new European Parliament.
EU Priorities 2020 11-06-2014

Former journalists take on new MEP roles

The May EU elections catapulted a number of journalists-turned-politicians into the European Parliament. As the gap between the EU institution and the citizen remains huge, will they do a better job at "communicating Europe"?. The EURACTIV Network reports.
Harald Vilimsky (FPÖ), Marine Le Pen (FN), Geert Wilders & Marcel de Graaff (PVV), Gerolf Annemans (VB)
EU Elections 2014 05-06-2014

After election success, far right parties line up for EU money in Parliament

A new far-right group in the European Parliament would be entitled to receive up to €50 million in EU funding over the next five years, a cash jackpot that party leaders admit could make or break the future success of the grouping led by France's National Front.
Brexit 27-05-2014

British influence will wane in new EU Parliament

The UK Independence Party’s victory, the loss of all but one Liberal Democrat MEP, the weakening of the Conservatives and the Labour Party's performance in local and European elections point to a waning British influence in Brussels.
Brexit 26-05-2014

Defiant ECR predicts kingmaker role in race for Commission Presidency

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group last night (25 May) claimed they could act as kingmakers in the appointment of the next Commission President, as their Tory Chairman lost his seat in the Parliament elections.
EU Elections 2014 26-05-2014

Danish far right party wins in EU elections, doubles mandate

The far-right Eurosceptic Danish People's Party has won 26.7% of the votes and becoming by far the biggest Danish party in the Parliament with four seats. The party has doubled its mandates since 2009.  
Brexit 26-05-2014

UKIP clinch European elections victory, Lib Dems plunge

The UK Independence Party scored an expected yet resounding victory in the European Parliament elections while the Liberal Democrats faced electoral wipeout, after first results were announced early Monday morning (26 May).
Sweden election
EU Elections 2014 26-05-2014

Socialists win by landslide in Sweden as voters punish governing parties

Swedish voters in the European Parliament elections have punished the parties of the centre-right government coalition and in particular Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's Moderates, which only got 13.5% of the votes.
EU Elections 2014 25-05-2014

Conservatives and liberals neck-and-neck in Finnish national election

The conservative governing party, the National Coalition, won the Finnish Parliament elections with 22.4% of the votes, closely followed by liberal opposition, the Centre Party, at 21%. 
Jyrki Katainen
EU Elections 2014 22-05-2014

Conservatives set for victory in Parliament elections in Finland

The conservative National Coalition is taking a clear lead over other political parties in Finland in the Parliament elections, according to the latest poll published by the public broadcaster Yle on Thursday (22 May).
Brexit 22-05-2014

UK Greens eye big gains as EU election booths open in Britain

The United Kingdom today (22 May) votes in a European parliamentary election dominated by the EU membership referendum, but also a poll which could see a surprise last-minute surge for Britain’s Green Party.