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  • Federalists want next EU chief chosen from elected MEPs

    News | Future EU 20-04-2011

    The liberals in the European Parliament are pushing for the 2014 EU elections to be held in May instead of June, in order to provide enough time for the next Commission president to be chosen from the ranks of newly-elected MEPs.

  • Socialists to name ‘winning candidate’ for 2014

    News | Elections 06-12-2010

    Vicious cold and deep snow did not discourage European socialists meeting in Warsaw from agreeing a strategy to elect a "winning candidate" to replace José Manuel Barroso at the helm of the European Commission in 2014. EURACTIV Poland reports.

  • Socialists under fire over transnational electoral lists

    News | Future EU 09-11-2010

    Andrew Duff, a liberal MEP who is steering negotiations in the European Parliament over the establishment of the first transnational list at the next European elections, said he regretted the Socialists' "reservations" on the matter.

  • Parliament’s ‘political president’ marks halfway term

    News | Central Europe 21-10-2010

    Jerzy Buzek is the first president of the European Parliament in many years to give the role a more political aura rather than just maintain a purely institutional function, according to a leading political analyst.

  • Duff: Look to transnational list for Barroso’s successor

    Interview | Elections 06-10-2010

    Anti-federalists loathe the idea of introducing a transnational list of 25 MEPs in the next European Parliament, because they fear one of them would gain the legitimacy to claim to become the next Commission President, MEP Andrew Duff told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

  • Verhofstadt seeking to revive EU election hopes

    News | Elections 06-10-2010

    Guy Vehofstadt, leader of the liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament, would be "very pleased" to appear on the first-ever transnational list at the 2014 European elections in order to revive his chances of becoming the next president of the European Commission, EURACTIV has learned.

  • Spinelli Group seeks supporters to boost federalism

    News | Future EU 16-09-2010

    Prominent MEPs yesterday (15 September) launched the Spinelli Group, presented as a network aimed at overcoming nationalism and promoting federalism across Europe. They invited citizens to join the circle, making clear it was not a political party.

  • Grassroots socialists push for EU election primaries

    News | Elections 26-08-2010

    Grassroots socialists across Europe are pushing for primaries to be held ahead of European elections, by means of blogging and web campaigns, with the ultimate goal of identifying a leftist leader capable of becoming the next European Commission president, EURACTIV has learned.

  • Buzek suggests electing EU commissioners

    News | Public Affairs 23-03-2010

    Jerzy Buzek, the Polish president of the European Parliament, has suggested that future EU commissioners should compete in Europe-wide elections to get a "democratic mandate".

  • EU’s 18 ‘phantom’ MEPs remain in the shadows

    News | Future EU 10-02-2010

    18 additional MEPs are set to join the ranks of the European Parliament this year following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. But disagreements persist over the selection process at national level.

  • France to pick ‘phantom MEPs’ from parliament

    News | Future EU 03-12-2009

    French Prime Minister François Fillon asked the president of the National Assembly, the country's parliament, on Monday (30 November) to send two members to Strasbourg, one from the majority and one from the opposition, to avoid "useless controversies" over the identity of the extra MEP seats created by the Lisbon Treaty. EURACTIV France contributed to this article.

  • Phantom MEPs cause political ‘nightmare’

    News | Public Affairs 06-11-2009

    The increase in the number of lawmakers in the European Parliament, prompted by the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, is causing major headaches across the EU, with massive uncertainty surrounding the timing of the 18 new MEPs taking office.

  • Extreme-right seeks European unity, again

    News | Central Europe 29-10-2009

    Another attempt to establish a pan-European extreme-right party was made in Budapest last weekend (24-25 October) by extremist forces from a variety of European countries, targeting better representation in the European Parliament. EURACTIV Hungary contributed to this article.

  • PM Borissov: Bulgaria ‘cuts through living flesh’ to balance budget

    Interview | Central Europe 18-09-2009

    Despite having made deep and painful cuts to its administration to avoid IMF assistance as it strives to join the euro zone, Bulgaria's new government enjoys wide popular support, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told EURACTIV in an interview. 

  • Barroso’s ‘pro-EU majority’ stumbles on Socialists

    News | Future EU 11-09-2009

    The European Parliament has come a step closer to backing José Manuel Barroso's bid for a second consecutive term at the European Commission's helm, it emerged yesterday (10 September). But Socialist and Green opposition to his re-appointment means there will be no "pro-European majority" behind him.

  • Socialists grill Barroso, request EU foreign job

    News | Future EU 10-09-2009

    The Socialists in the European Parliament yesterday (9 September) insisted on obtaining the EU foreign affairs minister job envisaged under the draft Lisbon Treaty before supporting José Manuel Barroso's bid for a second term as Commission president.

  • Liberals and Greens disagree on Barroso

    News | Future EU 10-09-2009

    Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the Liberal group in the European Parliament, has thrown his weight behind José Manuel Barroso's bid for a second term at the head of the European Commission. The Greens, meanwhile, continue to firmly oppose the former Portuguese prime minister.

  • Socialists fear being sidelined in new Commission

    News | Future EU 09-09-2009

    With most EU governments dominated by centre-right parties, European Socialists fear they will be under-represented in the next EU executive, sources told EURACTIV.

  • SPD limousine crashes into German election campaign

    News | Elections 31-07-2009

    Campaigning for September's national elections in Germany has not officially begun yet. But public outrage that has been raging since a government minister's limousine was stolen during a holiday in Spain has already devastated the Social Democratic Party. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • French influence remains modest in EU Parliament

    News | Public Affairs 31-07-2009

    Despite increasing its representation in key committee posts, France remains far behind Germany and the United Kingdom in terms of influence in the new European Parliament. EURACTIV France reports.

  • EU elections seen as irrelevant, survey finds

    News | Public Affairs 30-07-2009

    A third of voters who decided not to use their ballot in this summer's European Parliament elections only made their decision in the final days of the election campaign, according to a European Parliament Eurobarometer survey conducted in the month following the June poll.

  • EU countries ranked for ‘influence potential’

    News | Future EU 28-07-2009

    Germany is over-represented in the European Parliament, giving it a correspondingly high potential to influence EU policies, while other countries are at disadvantage, according to a recent report by a Romanian think-tank. EURACTIV Romania reports.

  • Eastern Europe big loser in Parliament horsetrading

    News | EU Priorities 2020 23-07-2009

    Prominent Eastern European MEPs feel their countries are under-represented on European Parliament committee executives, EURACTIV has learned. Meanwhile, as horsetrading drew to a close, it emerged that France had punched below its weight, according to experts.

  • EU Parliament puts Barroso bid on ice

    News | Future EU 20-07-2009

    Signalling a nerve-wracking wait for European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, leaders of the European Parliament's political groups have agreed to delay until 10 September their decision on when to stage a vote on the Portuguese's bid for a second term at the EU executive's helm.