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  • SPD limousine crashes into German election campaign

    Elections 31-07-2009

    Campaigning for September's national elections in Germany has not officially begun yet. But public outrage that has been raging since a government minister's limousine was stolen during a holiday in Spain has already devastated the Social Democratic Party. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • French influence remains modest in EU Parliament

    Public Affairs 31-07-2009

    Despite increasing its representation in key committee posts, France remains far behind Germany and the United Kingdom in terms of influence in the new European Parliament. EURACTIV France reports.

  • EU elections seen as irrelevant, survey finds

    Public Affairs 30-07-2009

    A third of voters who decided not to use their ballot in this summer's European Parliament elections only made their decision in the final days of the election campaign, according to a European Parliament Eurobarometer survey conducted in the month following the June poll.

  • EU countries ranked for ‘influence potential’

    Future EU 28-07-2009

    Germany is over-represented in the European Parliament, giving it a correspondingly high potential to influence EU policies, while other countries are at disadvantage, according to a recent report by a Romanian think-tank. EURACTIV Romania reports.

  • Eastern Europe big loser in Parliament horsetrading

    EU Priorities 2020 23-07-2009

    Prominent Eastern European MEPs feel their countries are under-represented on European Parliament committee executives, EURACTIV has learned. Meanwhile, as horsetrading drew to a close, it emerged that France had punched below its weight, according to experts.

  • EU Parliament puts Barroso bid on ice

    Future EU 20-07-2009

    Signalling a nerve-wracking wait for European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, leaders of the European Parliament's political groups have agreed to delay until 10 September their decision on when to stage a vote on the Portuguese's bid for a second term at the EU executive's helm.

  • MEPs elect committee chairs

    EU Priorities 2020 17-07-2009

    In a final constitutive lap, MEPs yesterday (16 July) elected chairs and vice-chairs of 12 parliamentary committees. Voting will end on Monday with appointments to the remaining ten committees, including two sub-committees.

  • New Parliament seen retreating from Anglo-Saxon model

    Public Affairs 16-07-2009

    The new European Parliament is likely to unleash a "backlash" against the British-American economic model, Michiel Van Hulten of PA firm Burson-Marsteller told EURACTIV in an interview, predicting that all its mainstream political groups are "likely to argue for much tighter regulation of the economy" in the wake of the crisis.

  • Verhofstadt lists conditions for Barroso II

    EU Priorities 2020 15-07-2009

    Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the European Parliament's Liberal group, has sent a list of demands to Commission President José Manuel Barroso in return for his group's support for nominating the Portuguese for a second term at the EU executive's helm. The Socialists did likewise on Monday.

  • New MEPs seen embracing social media in ‘conversation age’

    Public Affairs 15-07-2009

    The dawn of the "Conversation Age" will see more interaction between MEPs and stakeholders in the new legislature, public affairs bosses told EURACTIV, predicting that blogs and social media such as Facebook will become more influential in European politics.

  • Cohn-Bendit suggests ‘more suitable’ job for Barroso

    EU Priorities 2020 15-07-2009

    Green group co-president Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who is opposed to the re-election of José Manuel Barroso as Commission president, said on Monday that the right job for the Portuguese would be permanent president of the European Council, a position that would be created if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified.

  • Pole takes EU Parliament chair in ‘historic’ move

    EU Priorities 2020 14-07-2009

    Former Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek was elected European Parliament president today (14 July), becoming the first politician from a former communist country to lead an EU institution. EURACTIV Poland contributed to this report.

  • Socialists spell out conditions for Barroso

    EU Priorities 2020 14-07-2009

    Martin Schulz, the leader of the Socialist group in the European Parliament, has formulated 11 demands for the next president of the European Commission as horse-trading continues over the re-appointment of José Manuel Barroso this autumn.

  • EU Parliament opens amid horse-trading over top seats

    EU Priorities 2020 13-07-2009

    A little more than a month after the elections, the European Parliament is preparing to re-start the EU's legislative engine this week. The 736 newly-elected MEPs will meet on 14-16 July in Strasbourg for a constitutive session aimed at appointing the president and vice-presidents of the new assembly and distributing top committee chairs.

  • PA chiefs see more ‘pro-business’ EU Parliament

    Public Affairs 13-07-2009

    The new European Parliament is likely to be more pro-business and more industry-friendly, adopting a less 'green' stance on major policy issues than the previous legislature, public affairs bosses told EURACTIV ahead of its inaugural session in Strasbourg tomorrow (14 July).

  • Tories call for ‘anti-Socialist alliance’ in Parliament

    EU Priorities 2020 13-07-2009

    Led by the British Conservatives, the new European Conservatives and Reformists group (ECR) in the European Parliament have called on all centre-right political families to exclude the Socialists from decision-making in the European assembly.

  • Kuneva turns down MEP seat

    EU Priorities 2020 10-07-2009

    Unlike other commissioners who were elected as MEPs in the European elections recently, Bulgarian Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, responsible for consumer protection, said today (10 July) that she will complete her mandate in the EU executive and not take up her seat in the European Parliament, announced Dnevnik, EURACTIV's partner in Bulgaria.

  • Verhofstadt: We’ll talk to Barroso in September

    EU Priorities 2020 09-07-2009

    The leader of the Liberal group Guy Verhofstadt told EURACTIV that today's (9 July) decision by EU heads of state and government to officially back José Manuel Barroso for a second term as Commission president "doesn't change anything".

  • Karel de Gucht takes Belgium’s commissioner seat

    Future EU 08-07-2009

    Belgian Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht will take Louis Michel's seat as EU development commissioner after the latter was recently elected to the European Parliament, the country's authorities have announced. De Gucht was widely expected to be Belgium's next commissioner, but the EU elections appear to have accelerated his appointment.

  • EU Parliament heading for ‘grand coalition’

    EU Priorities 2020 07-07-2009

    European political groups including the European Conservatives, the Socialists and possibly the Liberals are preparing to back José Manuel Barroso for a second term at the EU executive's helm this autumn, provided he takes stock of their political wish-lists, party sources told EURACTIV today (7 July).

  • Socialists bid to grab key Commission portfolios

    Future EU 03-07-2009

    Martin Schulz, leader of the centre-left group in the European Parliament, announced the Socialists' intention on Thursday (2 July) to get several important portfolios in the next European Commission.

  • Socialists split over name change, Barroso

    EU Priorities 2020 02-07-2009

    The Socialists in the European Parliament have come under attack from their French members, who disagree with the group’s strategic direction ahead of a July plenary that could see José Manuel Barroso's re-appointment at the European Commission delayed. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Far-right MEPs form group in European Parliament

    EU Priorities 2020 02-07-2009

    A new far-right Eurosceptic group was formed in the European parliament yesterday (1 July), vowing to provide a "much-needed voice of opposition" and play an active role in the 'No' campaign ahead of the second Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum.

  • Tories’ EU influence ‘to decline considerably’

    Public Affairs 29-06-2009

    British Conservatives MEPs' influence in the new European Parliament will "decline considerably" as a result of party leader David Cameron's decision to pull them out of the European People's Party (EPP), Elaine Cruikshanks, CEO of consultancy Hill and Knowlton's Brussels office, told EURACTIV in an interview.