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The Brief: Can a weak president make the European Parliament stronger?

Antonio Tajani’s election as president of the European Parliament was not greeted with much enthusiasm.
Elections 17-01-2017

Socialists and Democrats push for ‘progressive’ coalition

Guy Verhofstadt’s decision to form an alliance with the European People’s Party (EPP) and back their candidate has triggered strong reactions on the left, while the Socialists and Democrats have promised an “alternative progressive solution”.
Elections 17-01-2017

Verhofstadt drops out of EU Parliament race, backs EPP

The right-wing European People’s Party (EPP) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) decided to form a pro-European coalition that will support EPP candidate for the Parliament presidency Antonio Tajani. EURACTIV.com reports from Strasbourg.

The Brief: Commission fails Trump’s challenge

Donald Trump has predicted the crumbling of and eventual collapse of the EU.

The Brief: The Hof plots a hitjob on Pittella

Guy “the Hof” Verhofstadt has entered the fray to become the next European Parliament president.
Brexit 06-01-2017

Verhofstadt makes candidacy for European Parliament presidency official

Guy Verhoftstadt officially entered the race to succeed Martin Schulz as president of the European Parliament today (6 January), a decision which could see him step down as the chief MEP on Brexit.
Global Europe 25-11-2016

The Brief: Renzi’s Roman roulette referendum

Italians have the chance to give Matteo Renzi, their prime minister, a bloody nose in less than two weeks when he holds his reform referendum.
Global Europe 24-11-2016

The Brief: Schulz gives up European Parliament to return to politics

Martin Schulz is giving up the European Parliament to return to politics.
Le Front National, qui accuse Martin Schulz, président du Parlement, de fraude, caracole en tête des sondages en France.

Schulz brushes off National Front fraud counter-claim

European Parliament President Martin Schulz today (13 March) brushed off accusations of hypocrisy made by Marine Le Pen’s National Front, after he reported the far-right party to anti-fraud investigators.
EU Elections 2014 02-07-2014

Eurosceptics make controversial return to EU Parliament

The new European Parliament was in session for the first time on Tuesday, 1 July. There was a record number of Eurosceptic MEPs, making a controversial return after their victory in May’s EU elections. EURACTIV France reports from Strasbourg.
Alain Lamassoure
EU Elections 2014 02-07-2014

French opposition eyes EU Parliament Presidency in 2017

MEP Alain Lamassoure has been appointed to lead France's centre-right UMP delegation to the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week and could use this position as a springboard to succeed Martin Schulz as President of the EU Assembly in 2017. EURACTIV France reports.
European vote
EU Elections 2014 01-07-2014

Secret ballot and backroom deals to elect next EU Parliament chief

The President of the European Parliament will be elected by secret ballot today, 1 July. Martin Schulz is the favourite to beat the three other candidates, having already secured a coalition of 479 MEPs. EURACTIV France reports.
Future EU 15-09-2011

Schulz to inherit Buzek’s Parliament presidency

As expected, German MEP Martin Schulz has been nominated as a candidate for the presidency of the European Parliament for the second half of the current term (January 2012-June 2014).