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Economy & Jobs 24-11-2020

Unified Patent Court: Poison pill for future of EU integration

The Unified Patent Court will fall largely out of EU control. The EU risks becoming a mere registration office of what the member states will have decided on their own, write four authors representing the CRIDES research centre.

Not out yet, Britain backs EU patent court

Britain pleased and surprised some of its European Union partners on Monday by pledging to ratify a new, unified patent system for the bloc even though London is about to leave the EU.

Danes support EU patent court in referendum

With a clear 'yes', the Danes have voted to join the EU's Unified Patent Court. According to DR television news, 33.7% of Danes supported the patent court, 20.2% voted against, and 44.2% decided not to vote. 
Elections 20-12-2013

Denmark bundles patent court referendum with 2014 EU election

Danes will vote in May next year on whether or not to join the EU's Unified Patent Court, the Danish government confirmed on Thursday evening (19 December).

EU pushes through Unified Patent Court

Brussels has paved the way for a specialised European patent court to solve disputes in one instance and avoid multiple litigation cases in up to 28 different national courts.

Leaders eye patent breakthrough at EU summit

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy is poised to broker a deal over the stalled European patent at an EU summit starting tomorrow (28 June) in Brussels. EURACTIV Italy reports from Rome on the possible breakthrough.