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Economy & Jobs 24-11-2020

Unified Patent Court: Poison pill for future of EU integration

The Unified Patent Court will fall largely out of EU control. The EU risks becoming a mere registration office of what the member states will have decided on their own, write four authors representing the CRIDES research centre.
Agrifood 26-05-2020

European Patent Office endorses EU’s stance on conventionally-bred plants

The longstanding legal saga on patentability for plants obtained by conventional biological processes has been seemingly put to an end after the Enlarged Body of the European Patent Office (EPO) published an opinion upholding the EU's standpoint.

Not out yet, Britain backs EU patent court

Britain pleased and surprised some of its European Union partners on Monday by pledging to ratify a new, unified patent system for the bloc even though London is about to leave the EU.
European Patent Office, Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Unitary Patent, or how to turn a great European project into a tax on innovation

Competitiveness Council ministers must intervene in a process that is currently moving in a totally non-innovative direction if the Unitary Patent is to prove a boost for European competitiveness and growth, rather than a tax on innovation, writes Arnaldo Abruzzini.

Business warns single patent too expensive

National patent offices are attempting to set the price of the unitary European patent at a level too high to attract European companies to use it, European business representatives have warned.

EU pushes through Unified Patent Court

Brussels has paved the way for a specialised European patent court to solve disputes in one instance and avoid multiple litigation cases in up to 28 different national courts.

Asian companies swell European patent applications

Applications for European patents recorded a record high last year, exceeding pre-crisis levels of 2008 for the first time, but for the first time in the history of the European Patent Office the most patents were filed by a non-European firm.

Leaders eye patent breakthrough at EU summit

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy is poised to broker a deal over the stalled European patent at an EU summit starting tomorrow (28 June) in Brussels. EURACTIV Italy reports from Rome on the possible breakthrough.

Danes running out of time as EU patent blocked

Danish diplomats are prepared to consider “all options” to resolve the location of a European patent court before the June EU summit, but are losing confidence that the issue can be agreed before the end of their presidency.

Absence of European patent costs Europe

While Germany, France and the UK argue over the seat of the main patent court, Europe is loosing €425,000 a day, writes Arnaldo Abruzzini from Eurochambres.
Europe's East 16-12-2011

As EU presidency nears end, Poland vents frustrations

Poland's European affairs minister said the "biggest disappointment" of his country's EU presidency, largely seen as successful under the difficult circumstances of the eurozone crisis, was the failure to take on board Bulgaria and Romania in the EU border-free Schengen area.  

Italy, Spain could drop opposition to EU patent

Agreement by EU ministers today (5 December) on outstanding issues surrounding a unified EU patent would pave the way for the Polish presidency to claim success in the venture at a signing ceremony in Warsaw on 20 December, amid mounting optimism that the new regimes in Spain and Italy could drop their opposition to the idea.
Languages & Culture 31-05-2011

Italy, Spain take patent fight to court

Italy and Spain yesterday (30 May) lodged a complaint with the European Court of Justice against attempts by other member states to introduce an EU patent without them.

EU court rejects cornerstone of patent plan

The European Court of Justice has decided that the proposed establishment of an EU patent tribunal is incompatible with EU rules, meaning that this cornerstone of long-standing plans to create a unified European patent will have to be reviewed. 

EU patent in the balance at summit

European leaders will discuss proposals for a single patent regime during a summit in Brussels on Friday (4 February), ahead of a crucial ruling by the European Court of Justice which may bring down the entire project.

Ministers still deadlocked on EU patent

A final deal on the EU patent was still being held hostage by divergent national interests yesterday (11 October) at a Competitiveness Council held in Luxembourg. 
EU Priorities 2020 14-09-2010

Barnier speaks out on hedge funds, EU budget reform

Reaching an agreement on the regulation of hedge funds is vital for the health of Europe's financial sector, says EU Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.fr, he also backs "new ideas" like eurobonds to finance EU growth policies.
Languages & Culture 25-08-2010

Leaked court opinion deals hammer blow to EU patent

The EU's top court is set to throw a spanner in the works of plans for a single EU patent. In a leaked opinion paper, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) says the proposed unified patent court is incompatible with the EU Treaties.
Brexit 04-12-2009

Sweden claims breakthrough on EU patent impasse

Business groups hailed a landmark political deal in Brussels on Friday (4 December), as EU industry ministers agreed a package of measures which could pave the way for a European Community patent. However, there are concerns that the thorny issue of translation costs has merely been set aside and will be dealt with separately.

EU proposes legal steps towards common patent

European research ministers are expected to take a significant step towards introducing a Community patent when they meet tomorrow (28 May) in Brussels to discuss ways of improving competitiveness.

Patent litigation reform to cut costs for SMEs

The European Commission is seeking powers from EU member states to conclude an agreement on a Unified Patent Litigation System (UPLS), which would establish a court with jurisdiction for existing European patents and the future Community patent system.

Czechs vow to revive Community patent talks

Czech Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Vondra, responsible for EU affairs, has pledged to work towards devising an EU-wide Community patent. Describing the existing system as "fragmented and inefficient," he said Europe's intellectual property infrastructure is stifling innovation and holding back progress on the Lisbon Agenda.

EU in for new patent fight

As Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy makes "one final effort" to break the impasse on the EU community patent, campaigners warn that the Commission's proposal could bring back software patents "through the back door".

European firms failing to protect their innovations

One of the Innobarometer 2004 survey findings reveal that a vast majority of European firms do not take any measures to protect their innovations through patents or trademarks.