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  • Europe from left to right ahead of #EP2014

     Infographic | Promoted content | EU Elections 2014 12-02-2014

    Across Europe, parties in government and opposition forces will rally support and lure voters on 22-25 May. With less than 100 days to go before the voters cast their ballot, EURACTIV presents an overview of where the balance of power lies in EU countries.

    Previous election results show that, when it comes to EU elections, parties in government are often punished by protest voters. Have a look at the coalition governments, single allegiance governments and where the balance lies across Europe’s map.

  • EU parties line up for Brussels top job nomination

    News | Elections 21-10-2013

    The campaign leaders of Europe's four main political parties have pledged to "put a face" on next year's European election by designating their own candidates for the European Commission presidency.

  • Youth unemployment campaign hits European Parliament

    News | Elections 17-10-2013

    MEPs are being assailed by campaigners from the European Youth Forum (YFJ), who are running around the European Parliament demanding that they sign a list of 11 pledges on issues from education to implementing to a youth job guarantee scheme.

  • Van Rompuy scorns direct election of Commission president

    News | Elections 14-10-2013

    Having public candidates for the Commission presidency during the next EU elections is not the panacea for Europe’s credibility woes, says European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

  • European political parties to get higher profile

    News | Future EU 12-09-2012

    The Commission will propose today (12 September) an initiative giving European political parties and foundations new EU legal status aimed at boosting their visibility across member states ahead of the next European elections.