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Economy & Jobs 15-12-2020

French cycling route receives EU funds for being ’emissions-free’

The ViaRhôna, a green and heritage-filled 815-kilometre long cycling route in southeast France, has received more than €2 million in EU funds during the 2014-2020 budget period  because of its environmental component. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 30-11-2018

EU regions defend cohesion policy as a driving force for innovation

The EU should strengthen regional investment in innovation through cohesion policy to compete with the US and China, regional leaders said during the European Innovation Summit in Brussels this week. 
Economy & Jobs 29-05-2018

EU-funded eco market becomes symbol of circular economy in Brussels

L’Abattoir, one of the biggest urban markets in Europe, built in an old slaughterhouse, could well be seen as a symbol of circular economy as it has become a source of income for the poor while promoting sustainable farming on its rooftop.
Economy & Jobs 22-05-2018

Culture Zone in Katowice: Welcome world, farewell locals?

Over the past decade, Katowice – capital of Poland’s Silesia region – has transformed from a coal and steel city into a booming centre of business and culture. Its Culture Zone hosts major European and international music, cultural and business events and boasts unique architectural pearls.
Economy & Jobs 10-04-2018

Future EU regional policy – less funding for East Germany?

The EU budget for 2020 onward is not yet fixed but the German federal states already fear cuts in the funding for promotion of local projects. East Germany is especially concerned - a lot is at stake because many regions benefit greatly from EU subsidies. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Regional Policy 12-11-2013

EU regions need to specialise for competitiveness, policymakers say

Every European region needs to explore and exploit its competitive strengths in order to survive economically and push Europe back towards growth, EU policymakers say.
Regional Policy 18-11-2010

Regions reject linking EU funds to budget rules

Local government leaders have spoken out against plans by the European Commission to suspend the payment of EU funds to countries that fail to rein in their national budget deficits and keep a lid on public debt levels. They claim that it is unfair to punish regions for decisions taken at national level.
Regional Policy 10-11-2010

EU-backed project lights up energy savings in England

Looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy it uses for lighting streets and public spaces, the town of St Helens in North-West England decided to work with partners in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. This partnership provided the basis for a five-year project called BLISS, which is being supported by the EU.
Regional Policy 06-10-2010

Cutting EU funds could harm growth, says Budapest mayor

Future cuts in EU regional funds could damage the ability of local and regional bodies to balance economic development with vital social and environmental changes, outgoing Budapest Mayor Gabor Demszky told EURACTIV in an interview.
Regional Policy 08-09-2010

Commissioners urge Barroso to streamline EU funds

In a letter seen by EURACTIV, four EU commissioners call on their president, José Manuel Barroso, to bring key EU funds under the same umbrella from 2014, in order to cut out overlap and ensure better strategic spending.
Regional Policy 01-09-2010

Make EU cross-border programmes more specific, says report

A recent European Commission report pinpoints a number of weaknesses in one of the European regional funding programmes and calls for priorities to be more specific in future. EURACTIV France reports.
Regional Policy 30-07-2010

Berlin’s ‘creative boom’ finds backing from EU

Although Germany's capital is short on big businesses, small enterprises are abundant, with creative industries in particular blossoming faster than in other cities. In Berlin, this creative boom is aided by a project which helps SMEs to deal with the bureaucratic procedure of obtaining EU regional funds. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Regional Policy 05-07-2010

Mayor urges local commitment to ‘Europe 2020’ plan

Local leaders must be given the freedom to create tailor-made solutions for making the 'Europe 2020' growth strategy work, but must likewise take more responsibility for doing so, Lodewijk Asscher, acting Mayor of Amsterdam, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Regional Policy 20-04-2010

Experts: Regional policy ‘can’t do everything’

A report evaluating European regional policy from 2000-2006 paints a generally positive picture, but experts said errors had been made and urged EU lawmakers to be realistic about what regional funds can and cannot achieve in future.
Regional Policy 19-03-2010

MEPs push for ‘crisis access’ to EU regional funds

Lawmakers in the European Parliament's regional affairs committee voted yesterday (18 March) to simplify access to the EU's billions of regional funding, saying faster access is vital for tackling Europe's economic crisis. The new rules could be in place by the summer.