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UK scientists announce ‘stay in EU’ campaign

A campaign backed by more than 6,000 British scientists to stay in the European Union was launched on Friday (9 October), ahead of a British referendum due on the issue by 2017.

Member states blame the Commission for being shortsighted in research

Under Jean-Claude Juncker's leadership, the European Commission promised to deliver 'smart' growth and new jobs to regain the European citizens’ trust.
EU Priorities 2020 30-09-2014

Moedas makes impassioned plea for Europe, science and research

Carlos Moedas, the Portuguese Commissioner-designate for Research, Science and Innovation, sailed through his confirmation hearing in the European Parliament today (30 September), sweeping aside criticism that he helped implement one of the toughest austerity programmes during the eurozone crisis.

European Research Area re-launched, again

The European Commission will today launch "the largest ever European consultation on science and research" in its third major drive to create a European Research Area (ERA), more than a decade after the idea first surfaced in 2000.

Top researchers fear ‘radical shift’ in EU policy

Scientists at Europe's leading research universities have expressed concern over the growing trend towards linking EU funding with pre-defined outcomes. Researchers fear political priorities will curb their scope for creativity and free thinking.

European Research Council slams EU bureaucracy

The work of Europe's scientific funding body has been marred by ongoing tensions with the European Commission and "stupid" bureaucratic rules, agency representatives have told MEPs.

EU attracting biobank research from US

The Netherlands and Luxembourg are battling to become the world's biobank research hub, as Europe begins to attract multi-million euro research projects from the US and beyond.

EU research networks slowly die away

Most networks of excellence fall apart once EU funding dries up, according to a damning report by the European Court of Auditors. Billions of euros in European funding has been pumped into research networks in the hope that they will live on after funding expires, but very few are self-sustaining, it said.

Experts slam EU’s ‘fractured’ research policy

An expert group established to advise the EU executive has criticised European research policy for being driven by national concerns rather than community spirit.

EU R&D funding agency overwhelmed with applications

Four out of five small firms applying for European research funding are turned down, but participation rates are on the rise, Graham Stroud, director of the newly-established Research Executive Agency, told EURACTIV in an interview.

EU sees China and India leading R&D by 2025

Asian economies could overtake Europe and the United States to become world leaders in research, according to an EU taskforce charged with predicting emerging trends over the coming two decades.

EU ‘biobank’ first to benefit from VAT exemption

A pan-European biobanking initiative looks set to become the first research consortium to benefit from VAT-free status under a new regulation agreed by EU leaders in May.

Experts give European Research Council passing grade

Europe's fledgling scientific funding body is on the right track but has major organisational flaws which threaten its long-term viability, according to a no-nonsense analysis by a panel of experts. 

Biomedical research faced with ‘bottleneck’

The development of new drugs is slowing to a temporary standstill, according to medical research experts, who say harmonising Europe's fragmented network of biobanks could help unclog the bottleneck.

EIT launches first call for proposal

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has invited applications for its first Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs). The move is designed to foster partnerships between business and academia, and should create new business for large companies, SMEs and start-ups.

Turkey calls for free movement of scientists

Scientists should be free to move between the EU and Turkey, according to Turkish Minister of State Mehmet Aydin.

Low R&D budgets ‘threaten EU competitiveness’

An EU initiative to create a common research area has helped to make the Union more attractive for foreign scientists, but spending on science and research is still far too low for the bloc to catch up with the US or Japan, according to a new study.

Report: EU citizens keen to boost R&D investment

Scientists in Europe can count on citizens' support for sustained investment in research and development amid fears that the ongoing economic crisis may lead to cuts, a new survey revealed last week.

EU to intensify research into fatal diseases, CO2

The European Commission yesterday (9 December) offered its support to ten new research projects, giving priority to the fields of medical science and the environment.

Ministers outline EU research vision for 2020

Amid fears that the current economic crisis could severely hamper R&D investment, EU research ministers yesterday (2 December) unveiled their bold vision of a borderless European Research Area (ERA) by 2020 to boost the bloc's competitiveness.

Commission seeks end to EU-27 ‘research labyrinth’

The EU executive is calling on member states to take seriously its recent call for joint priority-setting and joint action on science and research policy and implement a coherent EU framework for scientific cooperation with non-EU countries if it is to remain a leading actor, particularly in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Research infrastructures offered EU legal umbrella

Pan-European research infrastructures such as CERN, the world's largest nuclear research organisation, are to be granted special legal status and exemption from VAT under a new proposal by the Commission. 

EU ‘biobank’ to help boost drug discovery

The pan-EU biobanking initiative hopes to solve a number of ethical and legal issues connected with the storage of DNA and other human samples in order to boost new drug discovery, personalised medicines and therapies. 

EU research networks threatened by lack of funding

The future of research co-operation projects launched under the EU-funded Networks of Excellence (NoE) is being called into question due to lack of political will and insufficient support from member states, a scientific forum warned last week.