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Economy & Jobs 18-01-2018

Europe needs more money for research, here’s where to get it

The lack of funding needed to achieve Europe's widely advertised ambitions for global excellence in research and innovation should be addressed in discussing Horizon 2020’s successor. Understanding the challenge and where the money could realistically come from is key, writes Thomas Estermann.
Professor Miguel Seabra

Europe deserves a better European Research Area policy

As the EU Member States and the European Commission are hard at work reviewing the European Research Area (ERA) policy and defining a new ‘ERA Roadmap’, it's time to take a new approach, writes Miguel Seabra.

The Swedish Presidency’s R&D priorities: And the winner is…

The Swedish EU Presidency should advance Europe's R&D agenda via a regional-based approach, argues Claus Schultze, director of the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN), in a post on Blogactiv.

The new kids on the R&D block

Despite the EU's waning performance in research and innovation, charitable and philanthropic foundations can take the lead in this sector, argues Gerard Salole in the summer edition of Europe's World.