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Economy & Jobs 06-04-2017

Planet discoverer calls for ‘strong promotion’ of EU research

The researcher behind Trappist-1, a system of planets that could contain life, and Innovation Commissioner Carlos Moedas talked to EURACTIV.com about the importance of EU support. They also played down a PR war with NASA that erupted when the discovery was first made public.
Economy & Jobs 21-03-2017

Moedas: ‘We need to shout’ to sell our discoveries

The EU needs to be “bolder” and “shout” to promote its own scientific achievements to counter the PR tactics of partners like the US, Commissioner for Research Carlos Moedas said on Monday (21 March).
Digital 13-10-2015

Moedas: Europe’s industries have to go digital

Europe has a good industrial basis, with strong traditional sectors. But EU countries are “not making the merge with the digital world,” warns Carlos Moedas, saying the transition will be “the most crucial area for getting it right or wrong for Europe”.

Research Council chief: More cash, less change for Horizon 2020

Under the European Commission’s new proposal for funding the eighth framework programme – Horizon 2020 – the European Research Council (ERC) is set to see a 77% boost in funds to €13.2 billion. ERC President Helga Nowotny tells EURACTIV that Horizon represents a validation of its success.

Top researchers fear ‘radical shift’ in EU policy

Scientists at Europe's leading research universities have expressed concern over the growing trend towards linking EU funding with pre-defined outcomes. Researchers fear political priorities will curb their scope for creativity and free thinking.

European Research Council slams EU bureaucracy

The work of Europe's scientific funding body has been marred by ongoing tensions with the European Commission and "stupid" bureaucratic rules, agency representatives have told MEPs.

Experts give European Research Council passing grade

Europe's fledgling scientific funding body is on the right track but has major organisational flaws which threaten its long-term viability, according to a no-nonsense analysis by a panel of experts. 

Commission to launch European Research Council review

EU Science and Research Commissioner Janez Poto?nik is to establish a high-level panel of experts to review the work of the European Research Council (ERC), it emerged yesterday (24 February). 

ERC’s peer review to be interdisciplinary and forward-looking

The European Research Council's (ERC) peer review process for selection of the first researcher grants is set to be forward-looking and to encourage interdisciplinarity.
Economy & Jobs 22-04-2005

Expert Group: European Research Council will benefit the economy

An expert group convened by the Commission to examine the benefits of creating a European Research Council (ERC) presents a long list of advantages. 

Council gives its view on the future of European research

The Council has widely debated the shape of the 7th Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7). It urges the Commission to set out its vision in early 2005.

Scientists welcome FP7 consultation

The Commission's consultation process on the new Research Framework Programme is now under way, and many scientists are optimistic that their views will be heard. Others are more sceptical.

European Research Council urgently needed, say 52 scientific organisations

Fifty two European scientific organisations have signed a mass petition calling for urgent action on the establishment of a European Research Council (ERC).

Expert Group backs creation of European Research Council

An interim report of the European Research Council Expert Group concludes that there are compelling reasons for the establishment of a European Research Council.

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