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Economy & Jobs 13-07-2018

France rolls out the red carpet for finance sector post-Brexit

France's prime minister presented new measures to appeal to financial circles, which are currently considering their post-Brexit options. EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune reports.
Languages & Culture 06-12-2013

Reform of European schools: parents welcome ‘first victory’

The board of governors of the European schools, used by EU officials, on Wednesday (4 December) decided to postpone further reforms to the secondary curriculum, following complaints of parents’ organisations that the changes aimed for cost-cutting, not better education.
Languages & Culture 03-12-2013

European schools clash with parents over long-awaited reforms

The board of governors of the European Schools will adopt a reform of the secondary curriculum later this week (4-6 December), hoping to overcome some of the academic and financial troubles, but parents slam the reform as being cost-cutting driven.
Languages & Culture 02-12-2013

Tower of Babel in the European Schools’ classrooms?

European Schools are reforming their education system and there is a clear risk that pupils will be taught core disciplines in a different language than their mother tongue which will create a considerable gap between the European baccalaureate and national higher education, parents write.

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