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Mr Timmermans, don’t underestimate civil society’s potential in shaping Europe’s future

As poverty and inequalities worsen in the European Union, Frans Timmermans needs to nurture the debate between European decision-makers and civil society, not criticise the intentions and effectiveness of the latter, writes Jana Hainsworth.

Swiss eye new platform to challenge robotic computers

The Swiss are trying to build a new ‘knowledge accelerator’ to create a real-time earth simulator, measure the relative happiness of countries and stop robotic computers from controlling the world.

Reform Treaty leaves unions with mixed feelings

The European Trade Union Confederation and social NGOs have welcomed the new 'Reform Treaty' agreed upon by EU leaders in Lisbon last week. At the same time, they expressed disappointment over Poland and the UK's opt-outs from the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

‘Socially responsible behaviour is a strong business motive’

Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Commissioner Vladimír Špidla discusses corporate social responsibility (CSR) and 'flexicurity' with EURACTIV Czech Republic. These concepts, while frequently promoted by the European Commission, are still relatively unknown to new member states.

Dutch Presidency disappoints social NGOs

The Dutch "failed to anchor issues such as the fight against poverty, non-discrimination and social inclusion to a clear human rights agenda", claim NGOs.

Put the social pillar back into Lisbon, urge NGOs

Social NGOs have carried out their own review of the Lisbon strategy, criticising the lack of progress made in creating 'more and better jobs' and fostering 'social cohesion'.